Ride-on McLaren the stuff of dreams

IT’S not often you can buy a new McLaren, or even a thoroughly smashed up one — for the price of about 100 Big Macs.

But such a vehicle is now available, on order, for $279.

 In keeping with its price, it’s a littly and the fourth car in McLaren’s range of children’s toys for budding drivers.

Called the GT Ride-On, it’s aimed at supercar enthusiasts aged three to six, comes with McLaren’s iconic dihedral doors, functional storage trunk and brake pedal with working LED lights.

Inspired by the luxury supercar makers most refined model to date, the new GT Ride-On follows the successful P1, 720S and McLaren Senna electrified children’s models.

Young, slim, supercar fans can now discover what it’s like to drive their own McLaren GT, based on the lightest and quickest accelerating vehicle in its class.

The car has an impressive list of standard options including authentic McLaren design detailing.

Working dihedral doors make for the ultimate entrance and getaway and a functional storage compartment is ideal for stowing any junior driving essentials.

Just like the real thing, the GT Ride-On has workable dashboard controls with key start that activates McLaren engine sounds.

Tiny journeys can also be accompanied by music, played through an infotainment system that can access files from a USB device or SD card with optional MP4 display screen.

Junior drivers will get a thrill from the working accelerator with revving sound and brake pedal with brake light function as they speed off on their mini GT adventures.

“We aim to inspire the future generation of supercar enthusiasts,” Hayley Robinson, the brand’s merchandising manager said.

“The new GT Ride-On allows even the smallest of fans to discover the magic of our pioneering supercars. 

“We’re proud to develop and encourage younger minds and seek to create the next generation of drivers, engineers, and automotive designers.”

The car is available in six authentic McLaren colours: Burnished Copper, Silica White, Onyx Black, McLaren Orange, Amaranth Red and Burton Blue.

Described as ‘the most thrilling toy of 2021, the McLaren GT Ride-On is priced from £163 ($279 in Oz) upwards, depending on the (as yet unidentified) options selected.


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