Chevy Beast Concept

Feast your eyes on The Beast

Riley Riley

Check out this killer concept from Chevrolet.

The Chevy Beast represents the ultimate in high-performance desert dueller.

Conceived to demonstrate the capability of Chevy trucks and Chevrolet Performance components, The Chevy Beast concept is a four-passenger off-roader that’s based on a modified Silverado chassis, wears a customised pickup body and is powered by a Chevrolet Performance LT4 supercharged power plant.

Designers and engineers started with the chassis of a Silverado short-bed model and modified it for high-speed desert running.

The frame was shortened and a custom-designed, 4130 chromoly tubular safety structure was integrated while the modified chassis was wrapped with a custom, lightweight body.

A concept, long-travel off-road suspension system was also created for the vehicle, including a five-link rear suspension.

Along with a widened, 2311mm track, it contributes to more stable handling and optimal driver control during high-speed off-road driving.

“There’s nothing else like The Chevy Beast,” GM’s program manager, Pace Car and Specialty Show Vehicles, Jeff Trush, said.

“It delivers a ton of performance and capability, which makes it adept at conquering rough terrain — and it flat-out flies in desert running.”

That high-speed capability is derived from a Chevrolet Performance LT4 crate engine, a 6.2-litre supercharged V8 that pumps out 485kW of power.

It’s backed by a 10L90 10-speed automatic transmission that sends torque to a two-speed transfer case and distributes it to 37-inch-tall off-road tyres mounted on 20-inch beadlock wheels.

The concept also includes the Chevrolet Performance Big Brake Upgrade System.

The Chevy Beast’s impressive capability is matched by equally dramatic and purposeful style.

Tubular doors and a simple, lightweight clamshell-type front end reflect the functionality and aesthetic of desert running while the rear of the vehicle was intentionally designed with almost no overhang to maximise the angle of attack on steep grades.

A pair of spare tyres are mounted in the bed while the rear of the vehicle itself is left open to help extract dust.

Additional unique design cues include a custom front grille, front and rear bowtie emblems and powerful off-road lighting from Baja Designs.

Inside, the customised cab has a minimalist, functional design, featuring a quartet of Recaro performance seats with four-point harnesses, as well as a pair of 7.0-inch-diagonal LCD screens that monitor vehicle functions and performance data, including pitch and roll during off-road driving scenarios.

The Chevy Beast makes its debut this week at the SEMA custom show in Las Vegas, along with seven more pickups and SUVs, showcasing the latest production models and concept visions of performance and personalisation.


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