1924 Vauxhall M Type 14 40 Melton
1924 Vauxhall M Type 14 40 Melton
1924 Vauxhall M-Type 14/40 Melton

Out they go — Vauxhall’s garage sale!

Riley Riley

In the UK Vauxhall is flogging off some of its collection of old bangers to make room for more — or perhaps less with a move planned.

A total of 11 vehicles are up for grabs dating as far back as 1924, including of all things very old Bedford bus.

The vehicles, which are not part of the core collection, and either require some recommissioning, or duplicate models already held, will be auctioned at Brightwells’ online sale on September 24.

Nine cars, one van and one coach are being offered at the sale, all with no reserve.

The oldest is a 1924 M-Type 14/40 Melton tourer, and the youngest a 2013 Corsa Black Edition.

Highlights include a 1931 Bedford WHB 14-seat coach from the first year of Bedford production, an immaculate base-model Chevette from 1982, and a rare 1966 Victor FC Estate in need of recommissioning.

“Our priority is to preserve the core Vauxhall Heritage Collection, which was founded over 70 years ago, and includes most of the important and iconic models we’ve produced from 1903 to 2017,” Vauxhall’s Simon Hucknall said.

“We have 80 vehicles, but many are duplicated, and some require either recommissioning or complete restoration, which we do not have time to undertake.

“Our focus now is right-sizing the Collection to include usable and significant Vauxhalls and Bedfords that best tell the story about our long and diverse heritage.”

Potential buyers will be able to view short videos of the vehicles online three days before the auction, from Monday, September 21.

Bids can also be placed from this date, with each vehicle being allocated a final bidding slot on auction day.

“We’re delighted that Vauxhall has entrusted us with the sale of these vehicles,’ Head of Classic Motoring at Brightwells, Matthew Parkin, said.

‘To our knowledge, this is the first time that any Vauxhall Heritage vehicles have been offered at auction, and with no reserve, we’re expecting a healthy interest in these cars and commercials, all of which are highly original and complete.”

In case we’ve sparked your interest here’s a preview of what to expect.

1924 Vauxhall M Type 14 40 Melton1924 Vauxhall M-Type 14/40 Melton

1924 14/40 M-type (partly dismantled) – est. £12-16k/no reserve ($21,800-$29,000)

  • Owned by Vauxhall Heritage since 1998
  • Paperwork going back to 1925
  • 2-seater with dickie
  • New Chevron Cord tyres all round
  • Needs mechanical recommission
1931 Bedford WHB 14 Seater Bus
1931 Bedford WHB 14 Seater Bus

1931 Bedford WHB 14-seater coach (in need of recommission) – est. £10-12k/no reserve ($18,000-$21,800)

  • Purchased by Vauxhall from original owners – Arlington Motor Company Ltd. – in 1999
  • Subject of older restoration
1934 Vauxhall Light Six ASY
1934 Vauxhall Light Six ASY

1934 ASY Light Six (mechanical work required) – est. £3-5k/no reserve ($5400-$9000)

  • Owned by Vauxhall since 1999
  • Originally registered in Cheltenham, Gloucs.
  • Original registration paperwork
1937 Vauxhall 10 4 H Type
1937 Vauxhall 10-4 H-Type

1938 H-type 10/4 (in need of recommission) –est. £2-3k/no reserve ($3600-$5400)

  • Known as ‘The Duchess’
  • Bequeathed to Vauxhall by original owner, who purchased car as a teenager in 1938
  • Original/complete, needs recommissioning
1966 Vauxhall Victor FC 101 Estate
1966 Vauxhall Victor FC 101 Estate

1966 FC Victor Estate (in need of recommission) –est. £3-4k/no reserve ($5400-$7300)

  • Owned by Vauxhall since 1999
  • Brake overhaul needed
  • Welding required along sills
1982 Vauxhall Chevette L

1981 Chevette L –est. £4-5.5k/no reserve ($7300-$10,000)

  • Large history file
1997 Vauxhall Combo Diesel

1997 Combo van  est. £800-1k/no reserve ($1400-$1800)

  • Immaculate inside and out; rare survivor
  • Owned by Vauxhall since 2017
  • Used at launch of current Combo van
2004 Vauxhall Corsa 1.8

2004 Corsa C 1.8 est. £1-2k/no reserve ($1800-$3600)

  • Rare 1.8 SRi model
  • Used in marketing and PR launch of last generation Corsa
2004 Vauxhall Zafira GSi Turbo

2004 Zafira GSi –est. £600-1k/no reserve ($1100-$1800)

  • Owned by former Vauxhall Heritage Centre restorer prior to going into the Vauxhall Collection
  • Extensive history file
2007 Vauxhall Vectra SRi 2

2007 Vectra C 2.0T est. £2-4k/no reserve ($3600-$7300)

  • Low mileage car
2013 Corsa D Black Edition

2013 Corsa D Black Edition est. £2-3k/no reserve ($3600-$5400)

Check out the auction here

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