Maybach goes over the top

Riley Riley

The limited edition Mercedes-Maybach S-Class Haute Voiture is described as the ‘ultimate’ collectible.

Based on a concept shown earlier this year, the car made its debut this week at a fashion show by local couture designer Atelier Zuhra in Dubai.

Benz says a combination of utmost craftsmanship, high-quality materials and exquisite details creates a new level of exclusivity — evocative of a drivable art piece.

Strictly limited to 150 examples, Haute Voiture is the work of Mercedes‑Benz’ specialised customisation team in the Manufaktur, Sindelfingen.

In line with the Concept Haute Voiture, the exterior of the car is characterised by exclusive two-tone paint, with a combination of metallic nautical blue over a light shimmering rose and nautical blue metallic rims.

Surround lighting with animated projection has been added as an additional highlight.

When the doors are opened, animated Mercedes-Benz or Mercedes-Maybach patterns using light up, illuminating both the front and rear entry areas.

Dark nautical blue and rose gold tones extend inside, with additional crystal and glossy opal white highlights.

The interior showcases the most exquisite attention to detail, perfectly underlining its Haute Couture inspiration.

A high-quality fashion-inspired bouclé fabric remains a constant throughout, in blue, beige, rose gold and gold shades, with additional intricate details featured within the seat covers and cushions.

Highlights of crystal white leather embrace the passengers throughout the consoles, doors and scatter cushions.

The floor mats are made of linen and mohair.

Rose gold coloured champagne flutes are seamlessly integrated into the spacious rear alongside an Haute Voiture badge in the door panel.

Also original to the series car is the blue tone leather piping within the consoles.

The MBUX infotainment system picks up on the splendid exclusivity of the interior.

Sparkling glitter clouds and a variety of accents in shimmering rose gold emphasise the catwalk atmosphere.

In the profile selection menu, the driver is greeted with a magnolia blossom and sparkling particles.

Twelve different avatars are adorned with fine accessories and elegantly dressed, for example in a dinner jacket, tailcoat or evening gown.

To complete the Maybach experience, the S-Class Haute Voiture will be accompanied by a hand-made gift box featuring its badge number, alongside a scaled model and key ring.

In addition, a special car cover featuring the Maybach and Haute Voiture logo will be gifted to customers.

A bag collection will accompany the car, retailing early 2023 at Maybach Icons of Luxury physical and online stores.

Available in different styles and sizes in a limited run, items will be comprised of select materials featured in the vehicle interior, combining Haute Couture extravagance with detailed craftsmanship.

The price? It’s the old story — if you need to ask then you can’t afford it.


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