NAmaBAwI 2024 Toyota Hilux V Active 1
2024 Toyota Hilux V Active 1
Hilux trails the Ford Ranger.

Hybrid Hilux hits the road

Riley Riley

Toyota’s Hybrid Hilux is finally here, months ahead of Ranger.

But it’s been revealed that not all forms or grades of the ute can be ordered with a hybrid.

It’s available only with selected dual cab versions, starting with the 4×4 SR double-cab chassis from $54,130 plus on-roads.

In some cases the addition of V-Active hybrid technology adds as little as $590 to the price.

The upgraded HiLux range also features refreshed exterior styling and extra kit for the spend.

You get to choose from eight 4×2 versions and no less than 21 4×4 models, with prices ranging from $26,475 for the 4×2 WorkMate single-cab chassis, rising to $40,965 for 4×4 WorkMate single-cab chassis, $50,995 for the 4×4 SR double-cab chassis and on to the top of the range GR Sport at $74,310.

There’s 29 varieties of Hilux on offer in all.

Hybrid is available with select 4×4 double-cab SR, SR5 and Rogue grades.

V-Active technology adds a motor generator, 48-volt battery and DC/DC converter to the existing 2.8-litre turbo-diesel and six-speed automatic transmission.

As well as bringing better fuel economy, Toyota says the technology produces a smoother powertrain and improved off-road ability.

The addition of auto engine stop-start helps reduce fuel consumption by up to 10 per cent.

Toyota says the 48-volt system makes the stop-start system impressively smooth and seamless, with a significant reduction in vibrations when restarting.

The speed of the engine restart is also noticeably short.

Fitting a 48-volt system also allows the engine to be switched off for longer periods, with owners able to choose from either a ‘Normal’ or ‘Long’ setting.

Engine idle speed is reduced from 720 to 600 rpm.

Braking energy is recovered by the motor generator when decelerating, which contributes to a natural braking feeling to make driving easier.

When accelerating, the motor generator assists to increase responsiveness and make acceleration smoother.

Variants equipped with V-Active technology add Multi-Terrain Select (MTS), which includes six selectable modes that enhance traction on a range of surfaces.

In high range, MTS can be set to Auto, Dirt, Sand, Mud or Deep Snow, while low range offers Auto, Sand, Mud and Rock to maximise traction.

The motor generator unit has been positioned out of the way high in the engine bay to protect it off-road.

All core grades with the exception of WorkMate and SR single-cab and petrol variants receive an updated front face which includes front bumpers and a honeycomb mesh grille.

At the rear, WorkMate, SR, SR5 and GR Sport offer a gloss black rear bumper while Rogue sports a unique dark grey finish.

SR5 grades add darkened LED headlights, gloss black exterior mirrors, door handles, tailgate handle and powder-coated sports bar for pick-up body styles.

All pick-up grades get a tailgate damper with lift assist, which consists of a gas strut and steel cable.

SR double-cab pick-ups with automatic transmissions add front and rear parking sensors.

Double-cab automatic SR5 grades gain a wireless charger which is also applied to the Rogue and GR Sport flagship along with two rear USB-C ports for greater charging capability.


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