10 convertibles I’d like to drive

For me convertibles have an aura of self-indulgence.

I’ve driven a few over the years, all rentals in the United States. 

The first time I drove a convertible was in Hawaii. It was a 1988 Chrysler LeBaron. 

There’s been a 2002 Chrysler Sebring, a wonderful luxo barge, and a couple of 2001-2005 Mustangs.

One Mustang was used for a memorable summer Sunday afternoon drive, with the top down, along two-lane back roads, bordered by corn fields — from Louisville, Kentucky to Bloomington, Indiana — and return.

There are more convertibles I’d like to drive in the next couple of years. 

Here’s my top 10 drop-tops:

1958 Fiat 1100 TV

1 – Fiat 1100TV

Oh so, 1950s. It’s a mini Cadillac Eldorado. 

1959 Singer Gazelle

2 – Singer Gazelle

Another from the 1950s that evokes a bygone and slower era. These classics can still be found. It has a Hillman Minx twin.

1961 Renault Floride

3 – Renault Floride

Rear engine French chic. 

1964 Ford Thunderbird

4 – 1964 Ford Thunderbird

This is the car for a Palm Springs winter. Load up the 8-track with some Frank Sinatra tunes and just let the power assistance take the stress out of driving around and looking at some of the stunning architect-designed homes. As ol’ blue eyes sang: “That’s Life!” 

1967 Pontiac Firebird

5 – 1967 Pontiac Firebird

My all-time favourite Pontiac convertible. And if it came with Pontiac’s OHC six cylinder engine — all the better.

1963 Ford Falcon Futura

6 – 1963 Ford Falcon Futura

This convertible would fade into the background as soon as the Mustang was released, but for just one year — it was Ford’s cheapest and best-looking drop top.

1988 Chrysler LeBaron

7 – 1987-90 Chrysler LeBaron

I’d like to recapture the feeling of my first drive of a convertible.

2017 Holden Cascada

8 – 2015-17 Holden (Opel) Cascada

You can get one of these for under $10,000. Such svelte styling. It is a future classic.

1967 Rambler Rebel

9 – 1967 Rambler Rebel SST

With styling by the famed Dick Teague, the Rebel is the one of best looking cars in the USA in the late Sixties. It puts most of GM’s 1967 cars to shame with its crisp lines and smooth flanks. 

1971 Ford Mustang

10 – 1971 Ford Mustang

The ’71 is not everyone’s favourite Mustang, but it’s mine. Criticised for being too big, I think it just the right size. The shape is totally aggressive.

Do you have any convertibles you’d like to drive. Let us know?

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