X-Trail gets the electric treatment

Riley Riley

A long time pioneer of electric cars, Nissan is taking the plunge into hybrids — but hybrids of a different kind.

The new Qashqai and X-Trail will be offered with what Nissan calls e-POWER, a hybrid setup where the petrol engine supplies power to an electric motor which has the job of turning the wheels.

In tech speak that makes it a series hybrid, unlike the Prius which is a parallel hybrid because the electric motor provides a boost for the petrol engine rather than the motivation.

It’s a bit like an electric car with a range extender, minus the capacity to store the power generated.

Nissan has been playing around with the idea for a few years now, ‘notably’ with the Japanese-only Note in which it first appeared in 2016.

With Toyota reaping the rewards of the hybrid seeds that it has sewn here in Australia, Nissan must figure the time is right to launch a counter strike.

Sitting alongside X-Trail’s internal combustion engine offering will be the X-Trail e-POWER with e-4ORCE.

The system combines a 115kW 1.5-litre three cylinder variable-compression petrol engine with a 139kW electric motor, a power generator and inverter — with no plug-in capability.

It delivers responsive performance thanks to the fact the electric motor powers the wheels, providing EV-like instant, linear and smooth throttle response.

The power for the electric motor is generated by a new, advanced variable compression turbocharged petrol engine which runs quietly in the background to feed the battery, which then supplies power to the electric motor via an inverter.

A new twin motor all-wheel drive system designed to work with Nissan’s electrified 4WD powertrains. e-4ORCE will deliver reassuring traction and confident acceleration in all conditions thanks to Nissan’s most advanced all-wheel control technology.

Nissan’s Adam Paterson said the company was excited the all-new X-Trail with e-POWER and e-4ORCE will be arriving in Australian showrooms in early 2023.

“We’re confident customers will love its unique combination of electrified performance, confidence inspiring handling and robust practicality,” he said.

“As one would expect from a Nissan, it will offer unique customer appeal. We can’t wait to see it in our showrooms.”

Visitors to the Nissan website can initiate the pre-order process and explore the different options that the all-new Nissan X-Trail with e-POWER and e-4FORCE offers.

In Australia, the X-Trail e-POWER will be available as standard with the e-4ORCE 4WD system in both the Ti and Ti-L grades.

The X-Trail e-POWER with e-4ORCE will be five seat configuration only.

Deliveries are set to start in early 2023, with pricing to be released in coming months.

No further news on Qashqai e-POWER which was supposed to be the first cab off the hybrid rank.


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