Two turbos for LDV’s 7-seater

Riley Riley

LDV has finally added a diesel to its D90 7-seat SUV.

But buyers will be asked to dig deep for privilege, with the diesel adding $4000 to the price and available in top spec form only.

The good news is the 2.0-litre twin turbo diesel sounds like the biz, with 160kW of power and 480Nm of torque on tap.

It’s an in-house design, with electronically controlled, high-pressure common rail technology, and paired with an all-new 8-speed ZF auto.

We drove the D90 only a couple of months and while we felt it represented good value for money, we felt it would benefit from a diesel and better infotainment system — one with satellite navigation.

With the addition of the new diesel, importers Ateco Automotive, have addressed this issue at least.

However, there appears to be no change in terms of infotainment, with a huge 12.0 inch touchscreen and Apple CarPlay connectivity — but no satnav, no digital radio and no sign of Android Auto.

The safety story is a strong one however, with auto emergency braking (AEB), six airbags, rear view camera, adaptive cruise control, fatigue reminder, blind spot alert, lane departure warning, and forward collision warning.

But for some reason it misses out on the 360 degree camera that’s in the ute.

LDV’s Dinesh Chinnappa said the D90, now with a powerful new bi-turbo diesel, offers even greater versatility.

“Our target market is hard-working Australian families. Now, more than ever, they need value for money, but they also still demand safety, quality, features and performance,” he said.

“With childcare costs, rising energy bills, inflation, static wage increases and worries about the future, the family purse is being squeezed. Hardworking Australian families can’t afford to be flippant or wasteful with money. The new LDV D90 bi-turbo diesel fits the bill perfectly.”

LDV D90 Driveaway Pricing

2WD Automatic Petrol $35,990
Executive 2WD Automatic Petrol $39,990
Executive 4WD Automatic Petrol $43,990
4WD Automatic Diesel $47,990
Optional Premium Paint $500


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