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Trans-Am Mustang a nod to original

Riley Riley

Got a spare Race Red Mustang parked in the driveway?

Now could be the time to sell or update, because it’s the entry requirement for Tickford’s new Mustang Trans-Am conversion package.

The conversion is a homage to the orginal BOSS 302 Trans-Am that debuted 50 years ago in 1969 and was piloted so successfully by Allan Moffat here in Australia, with 101 wins from 101 wins from 151 starts.

Design in conjunction with Moffat, the Tickford Trans-Am Mustang will be offered in two variations, the Performance Edition and Performance Plus Edition, both using the naturally aspirated V8 with the Tickford 400 tune that boosts power to 400kW in the manual version.

Any V8 Race Red Mustang GT will do — MY18, MY19 or MY20 models — auto or manual transmissions.

Strictly limited to a maximum run of 100 vehicles, Tickford is now taking deposits allowing customers to choose their own build plate number (2-99) and secure this on a first-come, first-served basis.

Both the interior and exterior of the car are modified as part of the process, with the exterior featuring a replica of the 1969 livery complete with rear wing and a Tickford-engineered grille and light assembly to replicate the prominent nose of the ’69 model.

Under the bonnet, Tickford’s unique 400kW power pack boosts power to 400kW and torque to 620Nm in manual vehicles, together with a Tickford Racing engineered engine strut brace dominating the engine bay.

In order to further create differentiation, unique 8-spoke minilite wheels have been created specifically for the Tickford Trans-Am Mustang, bringing the 10 inch ’69 spec wheels into the modern era with 20 inch replicas running on Michelin Pilot Sport 4S tyres.

“The Tickford Trans-Am is probably the most exciting car project I have ever been part of. It has made an old racer like me feel proud of my racing history and what I have been involved with,” Moffat said.

“My original ’69 Trans-Am Mustang was an incredible race car and I have so many great memories of the battles I won on track.

“I think Tickford have done a tremendous job in designing a new interpretation of the original with some of the Coca-Cola car features that I loved including those wheels.

“I just wish I could race it!” he said.

One of the main features of the Performance Plus Edition, apart from the high-performance Wilwood brake package, is the opportunity to participate in a number of unique Allan Moffat experiences that allow customers to hear first-hand from the man himself via various events and activities around the country.

Production of these vehicles will commence in October 2019 and all vehicles will be built at Tickford’s facility in Epping, Victoria by the same team who created the Bathurst ’77 Special in 2017.

Performance Edition – $32,995 incl. GST (excl. donor car)
Performance Plus Edition – $52,995 incl. GST (excl. donor car)

Performance Edition

  • Tickford’s unique 400kW / 620Nm ECU upgrade for manual cars and 376kW / 620Nm upgrade for auto cars
  • Option to upgrade to a Roush supercharger with 530kW
Handling and Suspension
  • A Tickford-engineered suspension package developed for MY19/20 Mustang’s featuring a matched set of coilovers and dampers by H&R lowering the vehicle by an additional 25mm
  • For cars fitted with magneride suspension, a set of lowering Eibach springs will be fitted as a replacement
    A Tickford-engineered Race Red top engine strut brace, featuring a stainless steel plate personally autographed by Allan Moffat
  • Two Steeda Ultralite G-Trac braces for the rear to provide improved stability
  • A set of unique, purpose-built 20 inch alloy wheel created in the style of the 8-spoke minilite wheels in 20 x 9.5 inch on the front and 20 x 11 inch on the rear with Tickford centre caps and a set of silver wheel nuts incorporating a locking wheel nut
  • Ultra-high-performance Michelin Pilot Sport 4S tyres, 275/35R20 front and 295/35R20 rear
  • Utilising the existing Brembo callipers, both front and rear feature high-performance Bendix slotted rotors and uprated ceramic pads
  • A full replacement OEM-spec nappa leather trim, front and rear, featuring a unique and modern interpretation of the 1969 BOSS 302 Mustang and the Tickford Trans-Am logo in the seat back
  • Upgraded centre console lid in Alcantara/leather accents
  • Upgraded door panels and red and black leather
  • An enhanced steering wheel, 2/3rds thicker for a better tactile feel, featuring red and black leather trim and stitching and a red straight-ahead marker
  • On manual cars, a retro-inspired gear knob
  • Tickford Trans-Am badging including the build number on the dashboard
  • A set of replacement, Tickford Trans-Am badged high quality carpet mats
  • A revised front grille featuring twin driving lights, hard wired into the vehicles system in a nod to the original vehicle
  • Black Mustang logo
  • A retro-inspired, black rear spoiler
  • Black wing mirror caps
  • Modern interpretation of the 1969 Trans-Am livery, replacement badges, the rear flower power logo and rear end gold trim
  • A blank rear deck lid panel
  • Bonnet hydraulic struts
Warranty and compliancy
  • Tickford will be supporting the vehicle with a limited powertrain warranty
Production Build
  • No more than 100 will be built, with customers able to secure a build plate of their choosing between 2-99 on a first-come, first-served basis which will feature both in the engine bay and inside the car
  • Production will begin at Tickford’s Epping, Victoria workshop, where a dedicated team will convert the standard Mustang into the Trans-Am to the specifications listed with any other option requested by the customer


Performance Plus Edition

Additional to the Performance Editions specifications, the Performance Plus Edition adds a special performance brake package and unique Allan Moffat experience.

  • Front brakes feature a Wilwood high-performance, racing red, 6-piston calliper, with 15-rotors, and high-performance brake pads
  • The rears feature Wilwood high-performance, racing red 4-piston callipers, with 14-inch slotted rotors and separate parking brake
Allan Moffat Experience
  • Purchasers of the Performance Plus pack will receive access and inclusion into a number of unique Allan Moffat experiences, hosted by Allan around the country and to provide a greater insight into both the vehicle and the man himself. Given the timings and build date requirements, experiences will be offered dependent upon the customer’s location.


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