Mazda CX-70 adds to confusion (80 to come)

Riley Riley

Mazda’s lookalikes the CX-60 and CX-90 have been joined by a third, similar-looking model — the CX-70.

And before you start shaking your head in disbelief — be forewarned because there’s a fourth CX-80 on the way too!

CX-70 is basically a five-seat version of the three-row CX-90 with little to differentiate the pair.

CX-80, meanwhile, is a seven-seat version of the CX-60.

Confused? We are.

They’re all members of the new and improved (and considerably more expensive) Mazda Large Product Group and replace the CX-8 and CX-9, both of which have been terminated.

The game plan here is to take the Mazda brand upmarket, to convince buyers their vehicles are worth more money and hopefully to pay more money for what they describe as a premium driving experience.

Like other established brands Mazda must be coming under increasing pressure from the Chinese who they will never be able to match for price. Their only option is to go up, or suffer the consequences.

Will it work? Only time will tell . . .

Like the others the CX-70 will be powered by Mazda’s 3.3-litre turbocharged e-Skyactiv inline six-cylinder petrol and diesel engines, both incorporating 48V mild hybrid technology.

Both engines are hooked up to an eight-speed automatic, with drive to all four wheels — but a rear-wheel bias as favoured by the Germans.

Mazda says the ‘multi-solution’ approach of combining a higher-output engine with electric drive delivers enhanced performance and efficiency.

It also contributes to its feel-good Jinba Ittai concept and is commensurate with the “Passion Pursuer” concept at the heart of the vehicle’s development.

Mazda boss Vinesh Bhindi said CX-70 stands out as a highly compelling option, facilitating new life experiences and rewarding those wanting to experience the joy of driving.

He said it also offers a wider breadth of choice within the Large Product range, skilfully meeting the diverse needs of the market.

“As we continue to advance our product range with a host of cutting-edge products, the Mazda CX-70 represents yet another milestone for our brand, offering the hallmarks of the now well-established Mazda Premium philosophy that shines brightly in the CX-60 and CX-90 — but with a distinct focus on pursuing an active and fulfilling lifestyle,” he said.

Following Mazda’s ‘Kodo – Soul of Motion’ design theme, the exterior adopts a powerful bumper shape and striking black accents.

Burgundy interior highlights unique to the CX-70 also give a new expression to the craftsmanship already witnessed in the CX-60 and CX-90.   

Of note the CX-70 sees the debut of Unresponsive Driver Support which alerts the driver in stages if it detects closed eyes or distraction.

If the driver is still not confirmed to be engaged, the system will slow the vehicle down and stop where necessary to reduce damage in the event of an accident.

No word on pricing yet, but obviously it will sit somewhere between the CX-60 priced from $60,400 and the CX-90 priced from $74,400.


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