This Indian is worth bottling

Riley Riley

Meet Indian Motorcycles’s latest highly desirable addition —  the Jack Daniel’s Limited Edition Indian Roadmaster Dark Horse.

With production limited to just 107 examples, the bike commemorates Jack Daniel’s Gentleman Jack Whiskey, with classic style and all-new, ride-enhancing technology.

It represents another collaboration between Indian Motorcycle, Jack Daniel’s and Klock Werks Kustom Cycles.

For the fifth-consecutive year, the three American brands have joined forces to celebrate American craftsmanship through an exclusive, Jack Daniel’s-inspired, Indian motorcycle.

This year’s model has been carefully designed to embody the spirit of Gentleman Jack, a prime example of the legendary whiskey maker’s meticulous crafting process.

The Jack Daniel’s Limited Edition Indian Roadmaster Dark Horse carries many attributes that reflect the distillation and aging process, such as the bike’s custom Whiskey Pearl paint job and oakwood accents that are inspired by the rich and elongated Jack Daniel’s mellowing process.

“We are honoured to continue our relationship with Jack Daniel’s and Klock Werks and are excited to again celebrate American craftsmanship and ingenuity through this collaboration of three iconic American brands,” Vice President for Indian Motorcycle, Reid Wilson, said.

“The Jack Daniel’s Limited Edition Indian Roadmaster Dark Horse is our most premium touring motorcycle and, much like Gentleman Jack, represents the ultimate commitment to quality and craftsmanship, while offering the widest range of premium features and riding technology.”

With only 107 to be produced globally, the Jack Daniel’s Limited Edition Indian Roadmaster Dark Horse is like nothing else on the road.

All-new, one-of-a-kind features include a custom two-tone Whiskey Pearl paint inspired by Gentleman Jack’s double charcoal mellowing process, while unique Oakwood ceramic engine finishes deliver a premium, custom-inspired aesthetic, exclusive to this bike only.

Fine details include premium Gentleman Jack engraved floorboards, custom Jack Daniel’s branding on the seat, tank and lowers, and a numbered Montana Silversmith badge signifying the limited nature of this model.


The 2021 limited-edition model also sees the debut of Indian Motorcycle’s ClimaCommand Rogue heated and cooled seat.

With authentic embroided Jack Daniel’s badging, the seat delivers a sleek, modern look, while allowing riders to conveniently manage heating and cooling settings via the Ride Command infotainment system.

It uses a proprietary thermoelectric technology to cool or heat the seat, while a flexible graphene material optimises distribution for both the rider and passenger.

Riders will also receive the luxuries of the industry leading Ride Command infotainment system, now with Apple CarPlay integration, as well as controls for Bluetooth and USB audio source, navigation and extensive customisation capabilities.

The new limited-edition Jack Daniel’s Roadmaster Dark Horse comes standard with a full suite of premium features, including an upgraded 600-watt PowerBand audio system, heated hand grips, an adjustable flared Klock Werks windscreen, and remote-locking saddlebags and trunk.

The bike’s slammed saddlebags and precision machined wheels, with a 19-inch front, delivers a more modern style and design for the rider who demands the best.

Powering the bike is the Thunderstroke 116, air-cooled V-twin engine, delivering a best-in-class 168Nm of torque.

The high-performing engine includes a six-speed transmission and electronic fuel injection.

Each bike will be built to order as model year 2021, with delivery starting in September 2020.

Each custom gift will come engraved with the motorcycle number (#001-#107) and VIN and each comes with a custom Montana Silversmith Belt Buckle in a display case.


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