Limited edition Roadmaster redefines exclusive

Riley Riley

It’s amazing what people are paying for motorcycles these days and the limited edition Indian Roadmaster Elite is one of them.

Just 350 of the high-end baggers will be offered world-wide and just 10 of them are coming here.

The price? A cool $59,995 ride away.

The Roadmaster might be expensive but it is certainly a showstopper, combining sophistication, upscale fit-and-finish and world-class touring capabilities.

It’s powered by Indian’s Thunderstroke 116 V-twin, with 1890cc and 171Nm of torque.

Indian Motorcycle designed the 2024 Roadmaster Elite to deliver an authentic, custom-inspired paint scheme for riders looking to turn heads and stand out from the crowd.

The tri-tone paint job is a homage to the the brand’s iconic Indian Motorcycle Red paint from 1904.

It features a premium candy finish, which delivers a vibrant and eye-catching look.

To achieve this, Indian Motorcycle partnered with two of the industry’s most renowned custom paint shops, Gunslinger Custom Paint (GCP) in Colorado and Custom Painted Vehicles (CPV) out of Wisconsin.

Indian Motorcycle’s partnership with GCP and CPV provide an extra layer of authenticity, as the two paint shops are widely sought after for one-off, custom-bike paint designs from riders all around the country.

Indian’s Aaron Jax said the Roadmaster Elite offers something more exclusive for the rider who wants to make sure their bike is a cut above anything else on the road.

“What I love about the new Roadmaster Elite is how we’ve taken the historic Indian Motorcycle Red and given it a tougher, meaner attitude with blacked-out styling,” he said.

With only 350 available worldwide and incredible custom-inspired styling, the 2024 Roadmaster Elite is the ultimate in style and exclusivity.

Each Roadmaster Elite features exclusive Elite badging, including an individually numbered centre console complete with a silhouette of a 1904 Indian Camelback – Indian Motorcycle’s first model to debut the iconic Indian Motorcycle Red paint.

Premium features add to the Roadmaster Elite’s impressive touring capabilities – delivering an Elite-level of personalization and comfort.

These Elite features include PowerBand Audio with Bass Boost delivers 50 per cent louder audio through 12 speakers located in the front fairing, saddlebags, and touring trunk with even more bass when compared to stock sound systems.

The Pathfinder Adaptive LED Headlight provides even more illumination when compared to stock headlights.

Patented, cutting-edge technology improves the rider’s visibility by monitoring the bike’s lean angle to optimise illumination of the road ahead.

First delivers of this awe-inspiring bike are expected mid-year.


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