The Aston with two wheels

Riley Riley

Luxury sports car maker Aston Martin continues to diversify and expand, with the launch of its first motorcycle.

The AMB 001 by Aston Martin and Brough Superior has made its worldwide debut at the Milan Motorcycle Show.

Strictly limited to just 100 examples, the track-only AMB 001 represents the union of iconic Aston Martin design and state-of-the-art Brough Superior engineering to create a piece of automotive art for the motorbike connoisseur.

“This is what we believe a cutting-edge motorcycle should be and we are very proud to see the Aston Martin wings on a motorcycle for the first time,” Aston Martin Executive Vice President and Chief Creative Officer, Marek Reichman, said

“In addition to applying the skills we have developed for cars such as the ground breaking Aston Martin Valkyrie we have also been able to bring our special expertise in the traditional craft techniques to this project.

“The finished product is a truly beautiful motorcycle; a design and engineering work of art.”

The AMB 001 is a unique, modern, lightweight and powerful sports bike concept, that boasts exclusive technical features, including a chassis configuration with a double wishbone front fork and structural carbon fibre body.

Presented in traditional Aston Martin Racing colours, all of the components have been specially designed using best processes and materials, including carbon fibre, titanium and billet aluminium.

A carbon fibre fin — the design of which is derived from the side strake on Aston Martin cars — that runs along the full length of the Stirling Green tank, passing under the saddle and out on to the rear, creating a flowing form along the top of the bike.

As the fin passes under the saddle it can be seen through breaks in the Oxford Tan leather pads of the hand-stitched saddle, which combines old techniques and modern technology in one swooping area that is a perfect fit for the human form.

AMB 001 boasts a turbocharged output of 134kW with a dry weight of 180kg.

It delivers an incredible engine response with huge torque across a wide range of engine revs.

This is also the first time that a Brough Superior model is presented with a V-twin turbo-charged engine.

In keeping with its track-inspired pedigree, the AMB 001 is presented with ultra-lightweight Aston Martin wings, which sit under the lacquer of the bodywork on the nose and the tank.

These are the same nine-micron stainless steel wings that adorn the Aston Martin Valkyrie.

The AMB 001 will be built and hand-assembled in the Brough Superior factory in Toulouse, France, with first deliveries set to begin late next year.

In case you’re wondering, the price is 108,000.00 EUR — about $175,000 Aussie dollars.

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