Sean Wotherspoon is one of the rising stars of youth fashion in the USA. He is pure energy, endlessly curious, ahead of his time, an experimenter, and a fanatic of street culture and everything this might encompass in terms of fashion and colour.

Stylish Vespa gets the Wotherspoon touch

Riley Riley

Designer Sean Wotherspoon gives Vespa’s style elements a vintage, contemporary twist in what is his trademark manner.

Wotherspoon got his start in 2013 when he and two friends opened Round Two in Richmond, Virginia — a store that achieved legendary status in a matter of months.

A passion for sneakers and sportswear, and a love for the creativity and colour that characterised the 80s and 90s, plus a revolutionary and irrepressible creative verve have led to global success for the designer.

Since then Wotherspoon has collaborated with Nike and, later, with big names such as Disney, Prince, Lacoste and Galleries Lafayette.

This time around, he has joined with Vespa to create the Vespa Primavera Sean Wotherspoon — a special, limited edition motor scooter that expresses the creative energies of both.

They are united by a love of colour and innovative experimentation that anticipates trends and appeals to anyone who loves to play with fashion and ride in style.

Wotherspoon does this by drawing on his love of everything old school, using a mix and match approach rooted in the ’80s and ’90s.

The livery of Vespa Primavera Sean Wotherspoon stands out for its explosion of 80s style colour, showcased with flamboyant irreverence.

Yellow, red, dark green and aquamarine envelop the entire scooter, embellished with white inserts such as the front tie, profiling of the Vespa silhouette and the wheel rims — the edges of which feature a replication of the contrasting Vespa logo.

The design is completed with chrome finishes for the headlight frame, luggage rack and passenger handle, and black details such as the hand grips and silencer cover.

There is also scope for a blend of materials including metal, plastic, velvet and rubber.

In pure Vespa tradition, the body is made of steel, a distinguishing mark of the Vespa right from inception.

The red foot board (in the same colour as the shock absorber), in plastic and with a blue rubber insert, stands out on the metal body.

Wotherspoon has chosen a light brown ribbed velvet for the saddle.

To this he has added a white finish and his distinctive logo, a real street artist’s tag, placed on the front alongside the classic Vespa logo in white.

A dedicated graphic customises the rear of the body, serially repeating the name ‘Primavera’ for an original optical perspective.

Powered by a 150cc engine, Vespa Wotherspoon will be available in limited numbers from late September — priced from $7990.


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