Mont Blanc
Mont Blanc

Students pen Mont Blanc masterpiece

Riley Riley

Masters students at the European Institute of Design have come up with a hydrogen-powered, two-seat supercar.

The A4810 concept is not only technologically advanced, but environmentally friendly at the same time.

It provides a glimpse into the future of supercars and the Alpine brand.

A4810 is named after Mont Blanc, highest mountain in the Alps and Western Europe, that rises 4810 metres above sea level.

Renault’s performance arm Alpine challenged students to design a ‘super berlinette’ — a super sports car for the year 2035.

The two-seater was designed to be a high-performing vehicle both in terms of performance and environmental impact.

After the brief was delivered students worked individually to come up with their own interpretation for presentation to the brand.

Alpine selected a combination of the two main ideas.

A4810 is 5091mm long, 2010mm wide and 1055mm high, with a 2717mm wheelbase.

It’s a two-seater supercar with the shape of a berlinette and a hydrogen powertrain.

While the engine and fuel tanks are built like those of a typical hypercar, the subtraction process is proof of strong innovation.

The design alternates between empty and full spaces, giving the vehicle a lightweight and aerodynamic look inspired by Formula 1.

Students were also tasked with bringing the brand to the cusp of the sports car category.

The French spirit has been skilfully preserved.

While avoiding the pitfalls of unnecessary formal elements, designers focused on the overlapping layers and sculptural aspects of the silhouette.

Bi-tone colours, matte black and carbon fibre highlights create a bold contrast with each part of the car, making them stand out according to their function — aerodynamic, mechanical or merely formal.

The team of students used digital tools to design the interior through sketches, 3D models, renderings, animations, and HMI (Human Machine Interface) development.

By incorporating a hydrogen power supply, the fully-fledged concept is almost ready to take to the roads of a much more sustainable future — one without emissions.

For the record students involved in the project included: Nicolas Alemany Rengifo (Spain), Carlos Rodrigo Avila Vilchis (Mexico), Michele Balletti (Italy), Abhijeet Mahesh Birmole (India), Goh Chyan Si (Mali), José Gaspar De Jesus (USA), Amit Ramesh Dhuri (India), Virginia Droghei (Italy), Apoorv Garg (India), Govardhan Godavarthi Gauranga (India), Daury David Gomez Silvestre (Dominican Republic), Jaya Sankar Anand Sarma Govindavajjula (India), Nihar Bharatkumar Khimasiya (India), Sanjay Kumar Kondi (India), Marco Martino (Italy), Stefano Pellino (Italy), Alessandro Pierangelini (Italy), Valentino Arjun Rajan (Texas), Janak Sushil Rathod (India), Mayank Shakya (India), Sanket Sanjay Shirsikar (India), Rohitshukla (India), Kushan Jyoti Singha (India), Shailesh Srivastava (India), Xiaobing Wang (China), Yunshi Yang (China), Wei-Che Yen (Taiwan), Faruk Yilmaz (Turkey).


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