Vespa turns 75 5
Vespa turns 75 5

Scooter sales buck the trend

Riley Riley

While Aussies bought ca record number of cars in 2022, the same cannot be said about motorcycles.

Sales were down 3.1 per cent overall, with the exception of scooters, which jumped 15.4 per cent.

A total of 6135 scooters found new homes in 2023, up from 5316 in 2022.

Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries Chief Executive Tony Weber said rising interest rates and cost of living pressures contributed to the decline in overall sales for 2023.

“As Australians manage tighter finances, recreational products are often the first to be affected.

“Recreational products, including motorcycles, often bear the brunt of financial constraints during challenging periods. The decrease in motorcycle sales underscores the impact of economic pressures on discretionary spending.

“An increase in scooter sales points to changes in consumer preferences in the Australian market with new riders venturing onto our roads, taking advantage of easier parking and quicker commute times.”

A total of 95,980 motorcycles and off-highway vehicles (OHVs) found new owners in 2023, down from 99,030 in 2022.

Off-road motorcycles totalled 40,138 units, experiencing a 3.7 per cent decrease and road motorcycles recorded a 3 per cent decline (35,122 units) on 2022 figures.

OHV segment sold 14,585 units, a decrease of 7.8 per cent compared with 2022 figures.

Mr Weber said Australians can look forward to advancements in technology in 2024, including increased connectivity, safety features, the rise of battery electric power and a diverse range of product choices for consumers.



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