Rocket has the numbers

Riley Riley

If you’ve got it, flaunt it — and that is something the Triumph Rocket 3 does very well.

Renowned for having the largest production motorcycle engine on the planet, the Rocket 3 R and GT deliver world-leading performance from low down in the rev range.

And it’s that incredible class-defining performance that has given the new 221 Special Editions their name.

Priced respectively from $35,850 and $36,850 rideaway, the Rocket 3 R 221 Edition and Rocket 3 GT 221 Edition are expected to arrive in local showrooms in January.

The distinctive 221 Edition Rockets feature a distinctive new paint scheme where the striking Red Hopper tank and front mudguard, beautifully contrasts with the Sapphire Black mudguard brackets, headlight bowls, flyscreen, side panels, rear bodywork and radiator cowls.

The paint scheme is further enhanced by the bold and unique 221 knee pad graphics, as well as the subtle tank-top graphics which showcase all of the Rocket’s exceptional performance numbers, including 221Nm torque, 2458cc engine, 167PS power, 85.9mm stroke and 110.2mm bore.

On top of the unique 221 Edition paint scheme, the special editions feature all of the signature style elements that have made the Rocket a new modern motorcycle icon.

They include its imposing and muscular stance, distinctive twin headlights and beautifully sculpted three-header exhaust run.

And, as with all Triumphs, the attention to detail is of an exceptional standard, including for example, the hidden folding pillion footrest which, when folded, seamlessly blend into the clean lines of the Rocket’s design.

The 2458cc triple engine not only delivers the world’s highest peak torque of 221Nm at 4000 rpm, while peak power is also a breath-taking 224kW at 6000 rpm.

The Rocket 3 R and GT are effortlessly thrilling to ride, beautifully smooth and responsive, for all day, any gear riding.

The engine has been designed to harmoniously blend with the Rocket’s magnificent style and features a distinctive hydroformed three-header exhaust run, carefully designed to deliver the incredibly rich triple engine roar that is guaranteed to turn heads.

The Rocket 3 R and GT also feature a high-performance six-speed helical-cut gearbox and a torque-assist hydraulic clutch for super-slick operation and an incredibly refined ride.

With so much power available, the ergonomics have been carefully designed to optimise comfort and control.

The rider’s seat has been sculpted to provide perfect support, while the adjustable foot controls give with two vertical position settings on the R model, and three horizontal position settings on the GT model.

Seat height is an accessible low 773mm on the R model, and 750mm on the GT model, and the rider can also change the set-up from twin seat to single with an accessory infill pad.

Thanks to the 18-litre fuel tank, the Rocket 3 R and GT 221 Editions ensure a great long distance touring range.


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