Rob bought it on eBay

In what is an increasingly common occurrence in the classic car community, Rob Byrnes found his 1933 Australian-built Dodge Tourer on eBay.

“It was discovered in a farm shed in 1994 on a Victorian country property and brought to Sydney for restoration,” Rob told us.

“I purchased it in 2005 fully restored but unregistered.”

The day after Rob acquired the car he took it for a registration inspection and the Dodge passed with no defects.

Since then Rob has put 80,000km on the Tourer.

The car boasts all of its original running gear.

Up front is a 201 cubic inch (3.3-litre) side valve six cylinder engine.

Behind the motor is a three-speed non-synchromesh gearbox.

Turning the rear wheel is the original differential.

Stopping power comes from hydraulic brakes, which was a significant technological advantage in the 1930s, when so many cars still relied on mechanical linkages.

The electrical system has also been upgraded to a 12 volt system and an alternator fitted in place of the generator.

The body of Rob’s canvassed topped Tourer was built in Adelaide by T. J. Richards on a commercial Dodge “KC” chassis.

It has an I-beam front axle set up, stronger rear axle housing than sedans and coupes and has original wire spoke 17 inch wheels.

The interior is very basic, but that’s what cars were like back in the 1930s, and so much of their charm today.

The car cruises nicely along modern roads though the open sides create plenty of breeze and cold air, especially in winter. To mitigate the chill, Rob has fitted a heater.

David Burrell is the editor of retroautos.com.au

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