tRcNwiBG 2023 Polestar 2 5
2023 Polestar 2 5

Polestar 2 goes longer faster

Polestar has improved the range, efficiency and performance of its Polestar 2 electric vehicle while simultaneously reducing its carbon footprint as part of significant updates for the 2024 model year.

Four variants my 2024 Polestar 2 are available with standard or long range and either single or dual motors.

Prices range from $67,400 for the standard range single motor variant through to $85,400 for a long range, dual motor model with an optional Performance Pack.

Next-generation electric motors and inverters are fitted to all Polestar 2 variants, offering substantial increases in both efficiency and performance including a change to rear-wheel drive for single-motor versions and a rear-bias for the dual motor version.

The rear-wheel drive single-motor variants are powered by a newly developed permanent magnet motor and silicon carbide inverter.

The new motor has a power output of up to 220kW (increased from 170kW) and 490Nm of torque (up from 330Nm).

The dual-motor version now has a rear-drive bias with the new rear motor supported on the front axle by a new asynchronous motor.

This enables total system output of 310kW and 740Nm (increased from the original 300kW and 660Nm) from the long-range dual motor variant.

As well, the front motor can now be disengaged completely when not needed. When the driver wants more power, the front motor re-engages instantly and seamlessly.

 Up to 350kW is available with the $9000 optional Performance Pack.

 Standard safety equipment in the MY 2024 Polestar 2 includes a number of driver awareness (or lack thereof) features including Blind Spot Information System (BLIS) with steering support and Cross Traffic Alert with brake support.

There’s also Rear Collision Warning and Mitigation, along with the 360-degree surround view camera and automatic dimming exterior mirrors.

 All Polestar 2 versions feature upgraded lithium-ion batteries, for improvements in efficiency, range and charging times.

Long-range versions now feature 82kWh batteries with 27 modules, those in the standard-range versions retains a capacity of 69kWh with 24 modules.

 The updated lithium-ion batteries provide faster charging rates of up to 205kW DC for long-range batteries and 135kW for the standard-range battery.

The entry level standard range single motor variant uses a 69kWh battery, all others get an 82kWh one.

The larger batteries equate to increases in driving range with the standard-range single motor version now capable of up to 532 km, an increase of 54km.

The long-range single motor variant can now achieve up to 654km WLTP, an increase of 103 km while the longrange dualmotor model gets a 104 km increase, to 591km.

Note that all the above figures are recorded under the new, and more realistic, WLTP testing criteria.

Another feature to be added to the new Polestar 2 is SmartZone.

Mounted on the front grilleSmartZone hosts some of the vehicle’s most important active safety features, including the front facing camera and mid-range radar array.

2023 Polestar 2 3
The new front ‘grille’ on Polestar 2 houses the SmartZone safety system.


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