Pikes Peak behind the wheel

Riley Riley

All the action from Bentley’s record-breaking run at Pikes Peak in the United States has been captured on film.

In fact, the luxury car maker has released two short films of the run by its all conquering Continental GT a few weeks ago.

One is from the perspective of driver Rhys Millen as the Kiwi slashes 8.4 seconds from the production car record.

A camera mounted on his helmet shows the run from the driver’s point-of-view as he tackles the 156 corners that make up the 1500 metre plus hill climb.

Millen’s time? 10m 18.488s.

A second film covers the race build-up, helicopter footage of the run itself plus post-race reaction from the Bentley team and Rhys Millen.

The Pikes Peak project was supported by Bentley’s technical partners Mobil1, Lifeline, Brembo SGL Group and Pirelli, and by exhaust partner Akrapovič.

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