Beneteau Peugeot Sea Drive Concept 004 1
Beneteau Peugeot Sea Drive Concept 004 1

Peugeot puts a toe in the water

Riley Riley

Peugeot has literally put a toe in the water with the launch of the innovative Sea Drive Concept.

Created in partnership with global leisure craft expert, Beneteau, and designed and built by Peugeot Design Lab, the concept combines the ergonomics of i-Cockpit featured in its SUVs, with the connected Ship Control technology developed by Beneteau.

The collaborative project illustrates a new way of designing a boat’s helm or steering station as the company likes to call it, perhaps pointing to a new direction in power boating.

The functional concept shows how i-Cockpit can be used not only for automotive interiors, but also for a wider range of applications.

Peugeot Design Lab was keen to explore new territory, resulting in a partnership between the two iconic French brands.

i-Cockpit enhances the driveability of a car by increasing driver comfort and concentration.

The Sea Drive Concept’s interior comprises a compact steering wheel for easier, more agile handling, a large 17-inch touchscreen displaying the Ship Control interface for easy access to the boat’s electronic functions, as well as folding panel displaying the main navigational information in the pilot’s line of vision, in a similar way to head up display, and toggle switches on either side of the wheel for direct access to the main functions at all times.

Elements of Peugeot design can also be seen in the concept’s build quality and choice of materials.

Jean-Philippe Imparato, Peugeot Brand CEO, said i-Cockpit showcases the central values of the Peugeot brand: innovation, design and premium quality.

“It has revolutionised the interior of our vehicles with easily accessible controls and increased comfort for drivers,” he said.

“We are delighted to have had the opportunity to apply the carefully crafted ergonomics and design of i-Cockpit to a different industry sector and demonstrate its adaptability as a design, particularly as it allowed us to form a partnership with a brand as prestigious as Beneteau.”

Beneteau is an innovator in the boating world, having set up a research program called Advanced Monitoring System (AMS) to centralise all useful information for on-board piloting, safety and comfort.

This work led to the development of its Ship Control, that provides support and assistance for both navigation and on-board comfort.

Several tablets can be connected locally to the interface, so each member of the crew can access all the functions available.

Ship Control allows central control of on-board lighting, air conditioning control, navigation, battery and fuel level checks, electrical and bilge pump management, HiFi and engine speed and revs.

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