Chinese LDV D90
Chinese LDV D90

New Chinese 7-seater misses out on diesel

Riley Riley

Get ready for the next Chinese onslaught.

LDV is launching a 7-seat SUV to go with its utes and vans.

The new full-size seven seater makes its Australian debut on November 15.

The LDV D90 comes with an impressive array of safety features, such as blind spot warning, lane keeping alert and traffic sign alert, which automatically spots road signs such as speed limits and stop signs and brings them up in the instrument display.

There’s also autonomous emergency braking, front collision warning and roll over control.

The SUV has not been rated for safety yet, but stablemate the T60 ute has just been awarded a full five stars by ANCAP – the first Chinese commercial vehicle to achieve this distinction.

D90 shares a chassis with the ute.

All sounds promising but what the D90 doesn’t come with is a diesel engine and that won’t win it many friends in a segment dominated by diesel these days.

Like Haval’s H9 7-seater, power comes from a 2.0-litre turbocharged four cylinder petrol engine that produces 165kW of power and 350Nm of torque, the latter from a low 2500 revs.

A 6-speed auto is standard, with choice of two-wheel or a four-wheel drive system – the latter with low range.

Claimed fuel consumption is 10.2L/100km for the 2WD and 10.9L/100km for the 4WD, with the help of automatic engine stop/start.

There are three grades and they come with plenty of kit, including adaptive cruise control, tailgate that opens with a wave of your foot and not one but two computer display screens – one 12 inch (30.48 cm) (30.48 cm) (30.48 cm) (30.48 cm) (30.48 cm) (30.48 cm) (30.48 cm) (30.48 cm) (30.48 cm) screen for entertainment and communications in the centre of the dash and a second multi-function eight inch screen for the instrument display ahead of the driver. 

No word on pricing yet, but expect the D90 to be competitive with the Haval’s $46K price tag.

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