Aiden Moffat

Space tech used for motor racing

Riley Riley

A British company has broken into the American market with its race wear derived from NASA technology.

Cambridge-based Walero produces racing drivers’ base layers using temperature-regulating technology originally developed for astronauts.

The fibres help to regulate core body temperature and reduce perspiration by as much as 30 per cent, which in turn means that drivers’ heart and respiration rates can be significantly reduced.

This is a big plus because it means that driver performance can be increased due to reduced fatigue and heat stress leading to improved reaction times and concentration.

The company’s big break came at the Performance Race Industry Show (PRI 2017) in Indianapolis, where Walero signed an agreement with HMS Motorsport as its official North American distributor.

HMS is one of the big names in US motorsport, supplying racewear and safety equipment to race teams all over North America and beyond.

“Breaking into the USA has been one of our goals since we launched the company at Autosport International in Jan 2015,” Walero founder and director, Fiona James, said.

“To have been able to achieve this in less than three years, and to be partnered with such a prestigious company as HMS is incredible. It is very fitting to be launching this partnership at PRI, one of the world’s leading motorsport shows in historic Indianapolis.”

Walero’s base layers already have plenty of exposure in the UK, with British Touring Car Championship driver Aiden Moffat using the brand’s racewear at the wheel of his Laser Tools Mercedes A-Class during the 2017 season.

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