Genesis Tribute to driver Jacky Ickx

Riley Riley

The Genesis X Gran Berlinetta Tribute honours the racing career of the legendary Jacky Ickx.

The Tribute was born from X Gran Berlinetta, a design study which embodies Genesis’ passion for motorsports which was presented at the Gran Turismo World Series Finals in Barcelona in 2023.

It’s powered by a front mid-mounted Lambda 11 V6 engine, electrically assisted by Genesis E-SC technology.

The hybrid race-spec drivetrain delivers a total of 799kW and 1337Nm of torque, ensuring that this car is as powerful as it is beautiful.

The V6 screams at 10,000 rpm while delivering a maximum output of 649kW and 1071Nm while the Yasa E motor generates an additional 150kW and 266Nm of torque.

X Gran Berlinetta is the flagship concept of the Genesis Magma Line and embodies the most emotional expression of the Genesis brand’s characteristic Athletic Elegance design philosophy.

The concept was born from a design study that demonstrates Genesis’ passion and intent for the Vision Gran Turismo Series.

Paying homage to Genesis brand ambassador Jacky Ickx, the bespoke show car X Gran Berlinetta Tribute features a special livery of Midnight Blue with a single white stripe, evoking Ickx’ iconic race helmet.

The Tribute debuted at an exclusive event preceding Watches and Wonders Geneva, graciously hosted by Karl-Friedrich Scheufele, Co-President of Chopard, the distinguished Swiss luxury jeweller and watchmaker.

The gathering honoured the launch of Chopard’s new Mille Miglia Classic Chronograph JX7 models developed in collaboration between Karl-Friedrich Scheufele and Jacky Ickx.

The timepiece is abundant with symbols and references to Jacky Ickx’s achievements, such as his emblematic helmet.

It results from 36 years of collaboration between Chopard and Jacky Ickx, highlighting the depth of their partnership extending beyond the confines of the racetrack, underscored by their shared commitment to excellence.

Throughout the evening, guests had the opportunity to meet the Belgian racing legend, a six-time Le Mans winner with eight Formula 1 victories and twenty-five podium finishes.

Genesis X Gran Berlinetta Tribute embodies the most emotional expression of the Genesis’ characteristic Athletic Elegance design philosophy.

The concept features Genesis’ new front fascia that abstracts the Crest Grille and links it with the Quad Lights.

This structures the volumes and connects the front and rear with Genesis’ Two Lines brand identifier in a lightweight aerodynamic construction.

The side profile sports a generous dash-to-axle ratio that moves the driver and powertrain rearward for a lean mid-engine layout.

The contrast of the energetic body sculpture with technical aero details accentuates the powerful form.

The rear design is refined further with a rear spoiler and lateral trailing edges for aerodynamic high-speed stability.

The fuselage extrudes towards the rear, culminating in an elliptical concave volume, common to Genesis vehicles.

With Genesis’ Beauty of White Space attitude in mind, X Gran Berlinetta Tribute creates a clean environment for the driver.

Essential functions are prioritised to maximise focus while on the racetrack.

The digital panoramic interface serves as an information centre, linked to the surround digital monitoring system which provides unobstructed views of nearby vehicles.

The steer-by-wire grip commands allow for precise and decisive manoeuvering, giving the driver a competitive edge.

The concept car was created as part of Polyphony Digital’s Vision Gran Turismo series and is available to race in the game.


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