Futuristic Rangey in Mars drama

Riley Riley

A futuristic Range Rover Sport is featured in the new TV show “The First” which is screening on Hulu.

From “House of Cards” creator Beau Willimon and starring two-time Academy Award winner Sean Penn, “The First” is a near-future drama series about the first astronauts to attempt a landing on Mars.

The series features a custom-built, “futurised” Range Rover Sport driven by visionary aerospace magnate Laz Ingram, played by Natascha McElhone.

“With the show set in the near future, it was an exciting challenge to work with Westward Productions and Hulu to create a vision of what a Range Rover Sport might look like in the 2030s and to have it featured throughout the series,” Brand Experience Director, Michael Curmi, said.

The vehicle, a collaboration between Land Rover Design, Westward Productions and Hulu, is based on the Range Rover Sport model, with additional futurized features, some of which were added in post-production.

These include fully autonomous driving capabilities, an exterior Smart Light Bar that acts as a 360 degree sensor that enhances the occupant experience by communicating with other vehicles and reading the road surfaces, as well as an optional steering wheel that retracts into the dashboard.

But Land Rover is quick to point out the vehicle was created as a creative prop for Hulu and will not be available for sale.

In fact, it adds, the vehicle features and capabilities were created specifically for Hulu and are not an accurate description of current capabilities, or a reflection of what may be available in the future.


The exterior proportions, bold forms and reductive styling create a very aerodynamic version of the current Range Rover Sport that exudes intelligence and power.

Wraparound Privacy Glass can change from virtually opaque to a traditional transparent window in seconds, allowing the owner to take control of the interior feel and function of the vehicle, whether choosing a relaxed and intimate living room feel, or to take control of the driving.

The vehicle features coach doors and an intelligent interior that can change shape, density and form to act as a passive safety system.

Whether riding for business, relaxation, or choosing to drive, the intelligent interior caters to the comfort needs of the passenger for communication, climate control and entertainment.

The futurised Range Rover Sport is fully electric with variable suspension system, allowing the intelligent vehicle to change its performance characteristics based on the desired ride of its owner.

Land Rover and Hulu developed three integrated custom videos including a 30-second co-branded promo, four-minute featurette on the “Journey into ‘The First,’” and an “Engineering the Future” behind-the-scenes featurette detailing the build out of the futurised Range Rover vehicle.

The co-branded content will be shared on the Land Rover digital and @LandRoverUSA social media platforms, including YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

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