Ford v Holden
Ford v Holden

Ford v Holden — the movie

Riley Riley

With the Bathurst 1000 over for another year fans of the big race could turn out for the movie Ford v Holden which hits cinemas from October 19.

Narrated by Shane Jacobson and directed by Serge Ou and Martin Baker, the feature-length documentary explores the decades-long competition between two of Australia’s most iconic car brands.

Funded with the support of Screen Queensland, Ford v Holden is the much anticipated follow up to producer Veronica Fury’s 2020 AACTA nominated feature Brock: Over the Top.

“This important essay film embodies the love affair Aussies have with their cars and covers the fierce tribal rivalry between Fords and Holdens – you were either one or the other,” Fury said.

From the early days of the automobile industry to the present,Ford v Holden delves into the history, technology, and culture of these rival companies and their impact on the Australian psyche and automotive landscape.

It features interviews with industry experts, historians, broadcasters, and former employees of both Ford and Holden, as well as rare footage and photographs from a rich array of archives. 

The doco explores the design and engineering innovations that have driven the companies’ success, as well as the marketing strategies and advertising campaigns that have helped to build their brand identities.

Ford v Holden also examines the impact of the Ford-Holden rivalry on motorsports, particularly at Bathurst, where the competition between the two brands was fierce.

From the halcyon touring car days of the 60s and 70s to the new generation of Supercars, this documentary explores the ways in which the competition between Ford and Holden on the racetrack has helped to shape the sport and its fans.

Throughout the film, viewers are taken on a journey into the two companies’ history in Australia, their milestones, seminal models, and the impact they had on society and culture.

While all the talk at Bathurst centred on the drivers and not the cars, the love and commitment of the drivers still shone through.

Of course Holden is no longer and it’s now Ford versus Chevrolet, not to mention coupe against coupe, but the race still managed to attract more than 200,000 people over the weekend.

Ford v Holden is a comprehensive and entertaining retrospective of one of the most extraordinary and unique rivalries in automotive history. 


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