Isuzu D Max Arctic Trucks AT35
Isuzu D Max Arctic Trucks AT35

D-Max gets the Arctic Trucks treatment

Riley Riley

Fancy one of these bad boys.

It’s the Isuzu D-Max Arctic Trucks AT35, not the first of its kind — but certainly the latest.

As before the AT35 is an exclusive, robust, serious 4×4 model targeted at the off-road enthusiast.

The collaboration between Isuzu UK and Arctic Trucks builds on the award winning All-New D-Max, with advanced technology that has been especially developed to handle challenging landscapes.

A strengthened chassis, Bilstein Performance Suspension and an All-Terrain Wheel and 35-inch Tyre Package, offer confidence when driving off-road while the AT35 drives with a great deal of comfort and control.

Although still a prototype at this stage , the new Arctic Trucks AT35 is set to go on sale in February 14, 2022 — Valentine’s Day.

It will be love at first sight for the Poms, with refined amenities such as the Bespoke Arctic Truck-branded headrests, Arctic Trucks floor mats, branded sill covers and leather interior.

The All-New D-Max Arctic Trucks AT35 takes capability to the next level, a vehicle stands out and stands above the rest.

Arctic Trucks have been re-engineering four-wheel drives to create reliable, good quality and durable vehicles for many years.


In fact, we had an opportunity to check Arctic Trucks operation first hand and to drive some of their vehicles on a trip to Iceland a few years ago, exploring the icy, volcanic, rock-strewn landscape offered by the island.

The locals take their off-roading seriously too, with some real 4×4 monsters parked on the cobbled, heated streets.

Whether for lifestyle or professional purposes, its vehicles are built to conquer environments others simply do not account for, enabling owners and operators worldwide to safely, efficiently, and successfully “Explore Without Limits”.

Arctic Trucks UK Managing Director, Peter Smith, said the company’s partnership with Isuzu now stretches back years.

“During that time, we have had several versions of the Isuzu D-Max AT35 however this is the best yet,” he said.

“Being based on the award winning, all-new D-Max with the addition of Arctic Trucks specialist engineering has produced this amazing prototype.

“I am excited for when this highly desirable and outstanding AT35 goes on sale, we are expecting a huge amount of interest from its appearance at the CV Show.”

All elements of each D-Max AT35 build are undertaken by Isuzu and Arctic Trucks technicians to ensure showroom quality, adherence to all relevant vehicle type approvals and full-alignment with Isuzu’s warranty conditions.


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