Class act — Nissan Patrol Warrior preview

Riley Riley

Nissan or should we say Premcar has previewed the Nissan Patrol Warrior.

Due later this year, it features a 50mm lift, cosmetic changes and a bi-modal exhaust system with tailpipes that exit in front of the rear wheels — so you can hear them better.

Premcar’s Engineering Director Bernie Quinn said the underlying idea was to increase the Patrol’s capability rather than “shift’ or takeaway from what it could already do.

“Crucially it was engineered in Australia by Australian engineers for Australian customers,” he said.

As well as the 50mm lift, Patrol Warrior is about 94mm longer, 84mm wider with a 40mm wider track and has a completely revised suspension system, with hydraulic body motion control.

The system replaces the need for roll bars which has the added benefit of providing greater articulation in off-road conditions.

The rear bumper has been revsised to accommodate a full-size wheel and tyre under the back.

Inside the yucky wood trim has been replaced by alcantara or gloss black, making it look classy and modern.

“We really expect everyone to be telling their mates about the car,” Quinn said.

“I think it’s really going to be a popular vehicle out in the market and we’re excited to bring it to market.

“It sounds fantastic. It’s a unique feature of the vehicle and people are going to love it,” he said.

In this short video, Premcar’s Engineering Director Bernie Quinn brings to life some of the product highlights behind the latest nameplate to join the critically acclaimed Warrior model series.


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