IF you have the good fortune to own a Mercedes-AMG GT Black Series and you also enjoy watersports, you might want to get a powerboat to match your hotshot car.

The Merc, regarded as  one of the world’s best-performing sports cars, is limited to use on smooth, sealed roads, which some boating types reckon is a major flaw — since most of Earth’s surface is covered by water.

What to do?

Well, the folks at Mercedes-AMG and Cigarette Racing have a fix: the AMG GT Black Series of boats. 

Dubbed the Cigarette 41’ Nighthawk AMG Black Series, this boat is the hot Merc of the aqua scene.

If you’re not familiar with Cigarette Racing, the US company has a long and impressive history of producing high-quality racing boats, making it a great partner for the AMG team to work with in building an absurdly quick boat.

However, unlike the AMG-powered car, the Cigarette Racing boat uses a quintet of Mercury Racing V8 outboard engines. 

Combined, the 4.6-litre V8s make 1678kW and can sprint the sport boat to 145km/h or 78 knots.

The engines are controlled by a shadowing throttle system, using two engine speed levels to control all five engines.

The 41-foot boat is more than just blazingly quick: it’s also impressively posh. 

There’s plenty of comfortable seating wrapped in Cigarette Cool upholstery for a few of your favourite friends to keep them comfortable while you’re ripping around in your mighty-muscled boat.

As for the looks, well, it’s styled after the AMG GT Black Series, so it’s not going to get misplaced in the marina. 

This striking Cigarette boat in magma-beam orange and black finish is far from subtle and will catch everyone’s eyes.

There’s no word on how much one of these machines will set you back, but we’re betting it’s a tad more expensive than the cost of the AMG GT Black Series upon which it is based. 

But if you have the need for speed on both land and the water, well — you only live once.

Go on . . . Light up that Cigarette!


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Cigarette packed to smoke 'em


Bill Buys, probably Australia’s longest-serving motoring writer, has been at his craft for more than five decades. Athough motoring has always been in his DNA, he was also night crime reporter, foreign page editor and later chief reporter of the famed Rand Daily Mail. He’s twice been shot at, attacked by a rhinoceros and had several chilling experiences in aircraft. His experience includes stints in traffic law enforcement, motor racing and rallying and writing for a variety of local and international publications. He has covered countless events, ranging from world motor shows and Formula 1 Grands Prix to Targa tarmac and round-the-houses meetings. A motoring tragic, he has owned more than 90 cars. Somewhat of a nostalgic, he has a special interest in classic cars. He is the father of Targa star Robert Buys, who often adds his expertise to Bill’s reviews.
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