CCM motorcycles to spread wings

Riley Riley

Boutique British motorcycle maker CCM is set to spread its wings with exports to the rest of the world.

Until now CCM’s range of Spitfire models has been available for order only in the UK, leaving the rest of the world frustrated.

It has prompted some keen punters to travel to the UK to purchase a bike, register and then ship it back.

Following overwhelming success, however, the company has set its sights on Europe, with exports set to start soon to France, Italy, Spain and Germany.

To date CCM has taken orders for more than 1200 Spitfires, with those bikes currently in production.

Most purchasers have opted to visit CCM headquarters and collect their bike straight off the production line.

The big difference between CCM and other motorcycle manufacturers is that it sells bikes directly to the public, with no middleman.

Cutting out the middleman has allowed the brand to stay competitive, remove hard sell tactics, and deal with issues quickly and efficiently.

More importantly, it is able to build a greater personal relationship with those bikers who have fallen in love with the brand.

Flooded with calls and emails from around the world, the excited cries from Europe have not gone unnoticed.

CCM Managing Director and son of Founder Alan Clews said these are very exciting times for CCM.

“We have a growth plan to increase UK sales and begin to export into new territories and bring a totally new experience to the customer that is tried and tested in the UK giving the customers exactly what they want,” he said.

CCM will open offices in those key markets in which it plans to sell.

In preparation ahead of their move, the company will set-up pages on their website specific to each country, that will allow interested parties to leave their details to receive updates.

As motorcycles will be supplied to these countries in very limited numbers, CCM will take forward orders secured by deposits.

It is likely that all the Spitfires heading to these countries will be sold out long before they get there in early 2020.

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