P1Hmz43X Prius 24h Le Mans Centennial GR Edition 1
Prius 24h Le Mans Centennial GR Edition 1

Betcha you’d pay good money for this Prius?

Riley Riley

Check out this radical Prius concept.

It was designed by Toyota Gazoo Racing (GR) to celebrate the significant contribution of motorsport in developing technologies for hybrid-electric road cars.

The striking Prius 24h Le Mans Centennial GR Edition is the centrepiece of a tribute to Le Mans where Toyota has competed with hybrid-electric race cars since 2012.

The tribute includes an exhibit that highlights options towards achieving a carbon-neutral society, including vehicle electrification, hydrogen energy and the use of synthetic fuels.

Toyota GR010 Hybrid Le Mans race car
Toyota GR010 Hybrid Le Mans race car.

Toyota is aiming to extend its five-year winning streak at Le Mans with two GR010 HYBRID race cars in this weekend’s centennial edition of the famed 24-hour enduro.

Le Mans has been regarded as a showcase for the latest automotive technology since the first race in 1923 and has pioneered road-relevant innovations ever since.

Toyota said competing in motorsport had enabled its engineers to develop ever-better hybrid-electric system technologies for its road-going production vehicles.

Some of the noted advanced include improved cooling, miniaturisation of inverters mounted directly on electric motors, and development of silicon carbide and high voltages for semiconductors.

The Prius concept car is 90mm longer, 50mm wider and sits 30mm lower than a standard car with front and rear tracks widened by 40mm.

Inspired by Toyota’s GR010 HYBRID Le Mans race car, the Prius concept is distinguished by multi-headlamps and a lightweight carbon-fibre bonnet.

It incorporates exclusive performance features designed to improve traction and aerodynamics including side skirts, canards, large rear wing, rear diffuser and a wide-track suspension set-up housing special 18-inch wheels and 235/50 tyres.



Length 4690mm
Width 1830mm
Height 1400mm
Wheelbase 2750mm
Ground clearance 120mm
Front track 1600mm
Rear track 1610mm


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