Avast, ye landlubbers — if it’s treasure y’ seek’n

When someone else is on to a good thing, copy it.

Aston Martin, Jaguar, and Bugatti have all showcased a luxury speedboat or yacht.

Lexus has joined the fleet and have released a concept sports yacht and a “proper” luxury yacht.

The concept is 42 feet in length, and with a beam approaching 13 feet, it packs a pair of Lexus 5.0-L V8 engines as motorvation.

Initially kicked off with discussions in 2015 at some of the highest levels in Toyota and Lexus, including President Akio Toyoda himself, the one-off design (sadly not slated for production) is slim, sleek, and frankly supermodel sexy.

The hull is a handmade unit, with CFRP or Carbon Fibre Reinforced Plastic, as the main structural component.

The upper deck and the outer hull are constructed around a inner hull section, with hand-laid two part polyurethane epoxy resin mixed into the CFRP.

To produce this single example the Marine Department selected the Marquis-Carver Yacht Group of Pulaski, Wisconsin, USA, based on their in-house engineering and manufacturing capabilities, and their skill in large hand-laid composite structures.

The engines are sourced from the Lexus performance section and are based on those fitted to the RC F and GS F. Power is quoted as 328kW each.

Putting that power down into the water via a pair of hydraulically controlled stern drives, they’re capable of getting the concept up to a top speed of 43 knots or 49 miles/79 kilometres per hour.

Moving the beast in a dockyard setting is done via a joystick that directs bow thrusters.

Information on these and other on-board systems is sourced from a full colour touchscreen, with GPS navigation, digital marine navigation charts, underwater sonar, and an entertainment system.

A bow mounted passenger cabin is sumptuously appointed, with supple Lexus leather, wood and glass detailing, and a sofa seating arrangement to have six around a dining table.

There is a two burner cooker, wash sink, an under-shelf fridge, and a restroom & shower to boost the luxury lifestyle. Total passenger capacity is eight.

The entertainment system is networked in with 4G and wireless, with sound from Revolution Acoustics. A unique form of sound reproduction comes from roof mounted drivers and power comes from high end maker, Mark Levinson.

The Lexus Concept Sports Yacht was born from a visit and trial sail by President Toyoda of the Ponam range, a series of premium machines developed by the Toyota Marine Department.

He was impressed by the overall presence of the craft, and in his role as the Chief Branding Officer of Lexus, saw a path where Lexus could be involved.

The larger machine, to be built by Marquis-Larson in Wisconsin and tagged as the Lexus LY 650, is a luxury yacht of 65 feet in length.

The LY 650 is 19 feet across the beam has a pair of massive 12.8-L diesel engines. Output is 900 horsepower/671 kilowatts. Each.

There is no current price tag for the LY650, however the first completed version for a customer is due in early 2019.

A main feature of the LY650 will be the beautifully appointed cabin.

Lexus has put the LY650 in with the LS sedan, LX SUV, and LC Coupe and therefore has skimped on nothing to make sure the LY650 reaches the same level.

Should the Lotto numbers fall your way, enquire through your Lexus dealer.

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