2021 Ford F-150 Police Responder

American cops see some 4×4 action

Riley Riley

Ford’s F-150 Police Responder is America’s only purpose-built, pursuit-rated pickup truck.

The all-new Police Responder features increased capability, including an improved 193km/h top speed and an automatic four-wheel drive mode to help police transition from busy urban streets to dusty country roads.

Introduced in 2017 as a unique all-terrain, law enforcement tool, Responder is built on the all-new 2021 F-150 SuperCrew platform and engineered to meet a wide range of agency needs – from allowing officers to travel with more emergency response gear to transporting mobile command centres.

The pickup continues to deliver greater towing capacity, payload capacity and passenger space than any other pursuit-rated police vehicle — and for 2021 adds even more capability.

A new feature known as Police Engine Idle lets an officer remove the key from the ignition and securely exit the vehicle — with the engine running.

Police can continue to power lights and sirens without being worried the vehicle will be stolen.

Agencies can choose the type of keys to operate their vehicles – up to four traditional fleet keys per pickup or up to four available fobs with keyless entry per vehicle.

The standard 3.5-litre turbocharged V6 produces 300kW of power and its 678Nm of torque — the latter more than any other pursuit-rated police vehicle.

The engine is paired with a 10-speed SelectShift automatic transmission, both uniquely calibrated to meet rigorous law enforcement use while enabling speeds significantly higher than a stock F-150.

To help reach – and withstand – those high speeds, the vehicle rides on specially developed Goodyear LT265/70R18 LRC BSW Wrangler Enforcer rubber.

As the only all-terrain tyres available on a pursuit-rated police vehicle, they’re uniquely designed to handle fast acceleration, high speeds and aggressive cornering on paved roads — and can endure the heat generated in pursuits without sacrificing the off-road capability Police Responder drivers have come to expect.

A new torque-on-demand transfer case ­­includes 4-Auto mode, with an electrically actuated clutch that automatically adjusts torque as needed to provide exceptional “set it and forget it” capability for seamless terrain transition.

On high-friction surfaces such as dry pavement, the system runs in two-wheel drive for maximum performance and improved handling around corners, avoiding the axle hop that commonly slows a four-wheel-drive vehicle.

If a pursuit shifts to slick or loose surfaces, the 4-Auto system simultaneously directs power to all four wheels, allowing officers to remain focused on the job at hand.

“Law enforcement agencies told us they would love to add F-150 Police Responder towing, hauling and off-road performance to their fleets, but they need more confidence in speed and handling,” Ford police vehicle brand manager, Greg Ebel, said.

“Whether suburban police departments, border patrol agents or rural sheriffs, officers never know where the job might take them, but the all-new F-150 Police Responder provides a pickup truck option engineered to get them there faster and with greater agility than ever before.”


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