Yay! We’re getting the electric Mini

Riley Riley

Mini has confirmed its first-ever, all-electric model will be launched here next year.

The all-new Mini Cooper SE Hatch will arrive in mid-2020.

Mini Australia boss Brett Waudby said the Mini Cooper SE Hatch marks a new era for the brand.

It will provide customers with a progressive mobility solution wrapped in a package that is unmistakably Mini in look, feel and the way it drives, Waudby said.

“We look forward to introducing this exciting and game-changing member of the MINI family to the Australian market next year,” he said.

 The Cooper SE Hatch is based on the striking three-door, conventionally-powered Mini Hatch but with dynamic model-specific accents.

A powerful 135kW electric motor endows the car with impressive acceleration and instant throttle response that adds a new dimension to the brand’s fabled go-kart feeling.

The dash from 0-100 km/h takes just 7.3 seconds, while bespoke suspension tuning and a low centre of gravity, thanks to the positioning of the battery in the floor – provide remarkable handling.

The energy required to propel the car with such vigour is sourced from a latest generation lithium-ion battery, which enables a driving range of 235 to 270km.

The location of the battery means the car offers the same amount of space for occupants and luggage as in a conventional Mini three-door hatch.

Mini Australia will announce pricing and specification details of the Mini Cooper SE Hatch closer to launch.

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