Gone to God ., . . the Mercedes-Benz X-Class utility.

X marks resting place for Mercedes ute

Riley Riley

X marks the spot and it will also mark the resting place of the Mercedes-Benz X-Class utility.

Less than two years after launch in Australia, Mercedes-Benz has decided to pull the pin on the Nissan-based utility because of poor sales.

Production ends in May with no plans to build another ute anytime soon.

Guess the attraction of the magic three-pointed star was not quite as alluring as had been anticipated, even for cashed-up ute buyers?

In its short lifetime, the Navara clone, built in Spain, generated a disappointing 16,700 sales in 2018 and 15,300 sales globally in 2019.

Here in Australia, where the ute rules the Aussie roost, the company sold just 3026 X-Class last year — 45 of them 4x2s — 2081 of them 4x4s.

In it’s first year of sale, in 2018, the figures were even worse: 1520 and 25 sales.

It explains why we haven’t seen too many of the around, at least not in our neck of the woods.

The X-Class dual cab utility sits on the same chassis as Navara, with the same part-time four-wheel drive system and same 2.3-litre four-cylinder diesel.

Available with one turbo or two, with outputs of 120kW/403Nm or 140kW/450Nm, the diesel is hooked up to the same 6-speed manual or 7-speed auto.


A larger, more powerful 3.0-litre V6 diesel was introduced after launch that delivers a class-leading 190kW and 550Nm of torque.

And, yes, X-Class has the same multi-link rear suspension under the back that has caused such a kerfuffle for the Japanese manufacturer.

The Mercedes-Benz is priced from $45,450 for the cab-chassis (minus a tub or tray) or $46,400 for the 4×2 version — this time with a tub.

The 4×4 starts from $50,400,while the X350d with larger 3.0-litre diesel is priced $73,270 for the Progressive or $79,415 for the top of the line Power version.

If you’ve had a change of heart after reading this, there’s probably still time to get your hands on one, bearing in mind that Mercedes is probably still holding stocks.

Or you could cut your losses and grab a model of the X-Class.

Model builder Jakob Michel from Modelllichtsysteme has created a spectacular scale model of the ill-fated ute.

Michel started out with Amalgam which is renowned for building some of the world’s best scale model cars.

The X-Class model shows impressive attention to detail, with LED head and tail lights, as well as turn indicators.

The interior of the scale model is even more eye-catching, with instrument cluster, steering wheel, touchscreen, centre console, air vents and climate control.


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