Wrap your Porsche in a second skin

Riley Riley

Fancy a Porsche but don’t like the paintjob? No problemo because at the push of a button buyers can completely change the look of a car using the “Second Skin” online configurator.

As its name implies Second Skin applies a wrap or second skin to the car in the design of your choice, for a price of course — in this case about 4000 Euros.

If and when you grow tired of the look, you can remove the wrap and skin it it all over again — or simply return the car it its original, pristine colour scheme.

In fact, it gets better than this — you can use Second Skin configurator to change the look of not just your Porsche — but any brand of car.

In addition to classic motorsport designs, it will also be possible to implement designs inspired by fashion and the arts.

Genuine and previously unavailable Porsche colours will also be available for selection.

To this end, the platform is collaborating with renowned artists, design studios, foil providers and vinyl paint manufacturers.

“As the livery segment is a very fragmented market, we have created a central port of call with ‘Second Skin’ to guarantee quality and offer a comprehensive approach to finding a solution,” said the person responsible for the project at Porsche Digital, Simon Weiss.

For this reason, the entire design and order process is fully processed within Second Skin.

Customers select the vehicle model and design it independently or as part of a consultation to obtain a non-binding offer and finish the order online.

A Porsche 911 RSR featuring a design by artist Richard Phillips will be compete in this weekend’s Le Mans 24 Hour endurance race.

To skin the car, the New Yorker Pop-Art-Artist combined three of his most popular works to create a unique design which was implemented in cooperation with Porsche Digital and “Second Skin”.

“We wanted to use the project in Le Mans to demonstrate what we can do in terms of automotive design and that there are no limits to the imagination with Second Skin.

“The greatest challenge was to apply a three-part image on a vehicle. We are also very happy with the result because the effect of the colours is unique,” Director of Digital Business at Porsche Digital, Florian Rothfuss, said.

The “Second Skin” range will be available initially from July 2019 at, with pre-registration available now. 


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