UK motorists come to blows

Riley Riley

It’s open warfare on UK roads with three out of every 10 people report they’ve been involved in a physical altercation or at least threatened in the last year.

Research reveals 53 per cent of road users – including motorists, cyclists, pedestrians, runners and even wheelchair users – have been or have felt intimidated when they’re out and about.

A whopping 67 per cent of people have been tailgated, 47 per cent have faced aggression, 45 per cent have been yelled at and 41 per cent sworn at or insulted.

Of even more concern, however, 18 per cent of road users say they have been threatened physically and a staggering one in 10 have actually come to blows.

For those people running or cycling on the road, the statistics are even worse, with one in five joggers reporting being involved in a physical altercation last year and one in eight cyclists too.

Nearly a third of runners and a fifth of cyclists say they were left feeling scared for their safety after the incident.

Road rage and the threat of violence or anger has left the majority of the UK’s road users feeling angry and stressed out, with almost one in five revealing they fear for their safety.

A new campaign, #SwearToChange, hopes to change all this, with the support of former Olympic cyclist, Victoria Pendleton and British Paralympian Lauren Steadman.

Designed to generate a constructive debate on road equality, #SwearToChange is giving away 20,000 free reflective outdoor jackets, back pack covers and dog-leads to people who want to be more visible in the dark, winter months.

In return, organisers, Auto Trader, simply wants recipients to acknowledge and encourage a change in old attitudes in a bid to improve road equality.

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