UK cooks up a fight’n Triton

Riley Riley

Mitsubishi Motors in the UK teamed up with Fast Live Productions and Shane Lynch, the renowned entertainer and racing driver to create a totally unique Mitsubishi Triton (they call it the L200 over there) for a starring role in the Fast & Furious Live arena tour.

In keeping with the theme of the Fast & Furious movie franchise and the live show, the ute has been radically reworked for maximum visual impact along with a host of performance enhancements.

To provide clearance for the Modular steel wheels and the extended suspension travel, the dual cab bodyshell is encased by an external roll cage, which wraps around the wheel arches, front bumpers, and custom-fabricated, laser-cut metal work.

The rear wheels and rubber measure a whopping 15 x 15 inches.

Topping it off is two-tone grey and black paint with details picked out in bright orange.

Beneath its skin the bespoke Triton runs an uprated version of the standard 2.4-litre turbo diesel engine.

Power has been boosted with a hybrid Garrett turbocharger; custom side-exit exhaust and manifold; larger, front-mounted intercooler; and an ECU remap to take advantage of the increased turbocharger size and the freer-flowing, 3D-printed air intake and performance air filter.

Inside, it’s fully stripped with only the bare essentials remaining – a pair of Corbeau carbon fibre bucket seats and four-point Luke race harnesses.

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