Toyota’s hybrid show hits the road

Riley Riley

Toyota is taking its hybrid show on the road in a bid to bring the technology message to the bush.

A cavalcade of hybrid powered models will visit regional towns in an attempt to dispell some of the myths surrounding hybrids.

The new initiative kicked off in Townsville at the NRL game between North Queensland Cowboys and Brisbane Broncos.

Toyota is of course a sponsor of the Cowboys.

An interactive display allowed fans to see and explore the benefits of hybrid petrol-electric technology first hand.

The “Hybrid Cavalcade” then made its way on-field, with a lap around the ground prior to the game.

Toyota Australia’s Sean Hanley spoke to the crowd about plans for the hybrid cavalcade and the advantages of hybrid technology.

Toyota introduced its first hybrid 18 years ago with the launch of the Prius and now offers hybrid versions of Camry, Corolla hatch, three Prius models, and the all-new RAV4 SUV.

Mr Hanley said hybrid technology is suited to a wide variety of applications from smaller city cars to capable off-tarmac SUVs like RAV4.

He said the company was in the process of rolling out the technology across the entire Toyota model range.

“We currently have six Hybrid vehicles available, with plans to introduce four more by the end of 2020, making Hybrid more accessible to all Australians,” he said.

“The Toyota Hybrid Cavalcade is evidence of our commitment to supporting regional Australia with responsible and sustainable motoring solutions.

“Our goal is to educate and demonstrate to regional communities just how valuable this technology can be to both the hip-pocket of motorists and also to protecting our environment,” he said.

As well as dealership events, the cavalcade will make appearances at a variety of major regional events as it makes its way around the country.

The festival-like events will offer a collection of interactive, fun, educational and engaging activities designed to draw people into the hybrid space and help them learn more about hybrid technology and the benefits it provides.

The world’s largest car manufacturer recently announced a significant acceleration in the development and launch of electrified vehicles which will account for more than 50 per cent of its global new-vehicle sales by the end of the next decade.

By 2025 Toyota plans to have a dedicated electrified model, or electrified option for every model, in its range.

The term ‘electrify’ includes hybrid-electric, plug-in-hybrid electric, battery electric or fuel-cell electric powertrains.

The Toyota hybrid cavalcade is heading south, with the next stop local participating dealerships in Tasmania and Victoria from September.


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