2014 Toyota Corolla Safety airbag Extrication Rescue
2014 Toyota Corolla Safety airbag Extrication Rescue

Toyota recalls another 24,000 cars to fix airbags

Riley Riley

Still reeling from the global Takata airbag recall, Toyota has been forced to issue a safety recall for another 24,000 cars in Australia.

It has been discovered the airbag sensors in some models could fail prematurely and airbags could fail to deploy, leaving the occupants of the car unprotected in the event of a crash

Corolla, HiLux, Fortuner and Prius models are affected, those produced from June 2015 until December 2015.

Due to two separate manufacturing issues, Toyota says there is a possibility the insulation layers of the IC chips could peel over time, creating an open circuit in the chip.

If this occurs, the airbag warning light will illuminate and the side/curtain airbags and/or front airbags, may become deactivated.

Toyota Australia will shortly contact all affected vehicle owners advising them of the recall campaign.

The company anticipates replacement parts will become available in the second quarter of the year.

Once replacement parts are available, Toyota will contact affected vehicle owners so they can make an appointment to have their car fixed.

Toyota dealers will determine if the sensors need to be replaced through an inspection process that will take about 30 minutes.

If sensors do need to be replaced, the repair time will vary between 1 and 7 hours, dependent on the vehicle model and the number of sensors that require replacement.

This work will be carried out free of charge.

There have been no incidents or injuries reported in Australia as a result of this condition.

For further information, please contact the Toyota recall campaign helpline on 1800 987 366.

In the United States, Toyota is recalling 49,000 2016 Prius and Lexus RX vehicles and 2015 – 2016 Lexus NX vehicles — for the same reason.

Check to see if your car is affected


Model Name Model Code WMI VDS CD VIN Range Production Period Qty
From To From To
PRIUS ZVW50 JTD KB3FU # 03500164 03503193 27-Nov-15 25-Dec-15 38
COROLLA SEDAN ZRE172 MR0 53REH 05278350 05285313 23-Jun-15 2-Nov-15 3850
FORTUNER GUN156 DA3FS 00001003 00001645 11-Aug-15 30-Nov-15 2526
HILUX GGN120 JU3CD 00001004 00010021 3-Jul-15 1-Oct-15 17554
GGN125 HU3CD 00020011 00030017 30-Jun-15 30-Oct-15
KU3CD 00001001 30-Sep-15
GUN122 EB3CB 00440008 00441037 1-Jul-15 1-Dec-15
00800001 00811032 7-Jul-15 31-Oct-15
GUN123 JA3CB 00060012 00060430 3-Jul-15 30-Nov-15
JA3CC 00080002 00080106 29-Jul-15 25-Nov-15
GUN125 FB3CB 00220006 00220328 1-Jul-15 30-Nov-15
FB3CC 00250002 00250204 28-Jul-15 30-Nov-15
FB3CD 00270006 00270532 30-Jun-15 30-Nov-15
00290000 00290174 7-Sep-15 2-Nov-15
GUN126 HA3CC 00320004 00320269 29-Jul-15 30-Nov-15
HA3CD 00370007 00376071 1-Jul-15 1-Dec-15
00700185 00702201 2-Sep-15 1-Dec-15
KA3CB 01120016 01120707 2-Jul-15 30-Nov-15
KA3CC 01160001 01160358 28-Jul-15 30-Nov-15
KA3CD 01184004 01187611 3-Jul-15 1-Dec-15
01300001 01300770 3-Sep-15 2-Nov-15
GUN136 GA3DD 00260008 00270075 14-Sep-15 30-Nov-15
JA3DD 00340002 00340859 1-Jul-15 30-Nov-15
00370000 00370166 4-Sep-15 2-Nov-15
TGN121 EX3CB 01100014 01102480 3-Jul-15 1-Dec-15
EX3CD 01370003 01380145 1-Jul-15 30-Nov-15

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