Toyota 86

Toyota 86 faces the chop?

Riley Riley

Toyota’s 86 sports car could be in the firing line as the company looks to cull models.

That’s the message from Automotive News in the United States.

The 86 sport coupe, formerly badged as the Scion FR-S in the States, is the product of a joint venture with Subaru, which builds the 86 alongside Subaru’s BRZ version in Japan.

But Automotive news Online managing editor David Phillips warns the soon to be released Supra, built this time in partnership with BMW, could well be the death of the car.

“it’s unlikely Toyota will field two sport coupes over time,” Phillips said.

“Also, the 86 is long in the tooth for a sport coupe. It debuted in 2013 and needs a major freshening.

“Toyota and Subaru have squabbled on how to evolve the car — chance of survival: 0 percent.”

Toyota is reported to have abandoned plans for turbo and convertible versions of the 86 citing the cost.

As one reader puts it: “The ’86 is shame as it had so much potential, even as the segment has grown smaller. Unfortunately it was just left on the vine and which is certain death in the sporty coupe segment.”

The Yaris, Prius C and Avalon are also facing an uncertain future, at least in the States.

Other car makers have abandon key segments such as midsize and compact sedans, but Toyota says it won’t go that far.

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