To brake or not to brake, that is the Transit

Riley Riley

Cars are getting smarter and smarter with advances in technology.

Ford’s new Transit van is so smart it tells the driver when to brake and when not to brake before a corner.

Many drivers know that they can save on fuel by staying off the accelerator pedal.

Now, Ford is introducing commercial vehicle-first technology that helps drivers economise further by letting them know when to slow down in good time to avoid hard braking, based on what lies ahead, and even out of sight.

Ford’s EcoGuide technology uses the vehicle satnav to anticipate future driving situations that help inform the most fuel-efficient way to drive.

It analyses driving behaviour and offers feedback via the instrument cluster to help achieve the optimum efficiency for the road conditions ahead.

Driving smoothly and assessing the road ahead as much as possible to avoid unnecessary braking and acceleration can improve your fuel consumption by as much as 12 per cent.

“Everyone has experienced occasions when we have to brake suddenly if a bend is tighter than expected, only to speed up again afterwards. EcoGuide will help avoid this, saving drivers fuel, time and stress,” Transit global chief program engineer, Ford of Europe, Michael McDonagh, said.

In addition, EcoGuide can provide drivers with feedback on their driving efficiency via a “halo” around the digital speed read-out, based on analysis of acceleration, braking, cruising and gearshift patterns.

The halo expands as the driver adopts more efficient driving habits, and a report can be viewed at the end of each trip.

The new Transit also offers a segment-first new diesel EcoBlue Hybrid powertrain option that delivers an additional fuel efficiency improvement of around 3 per cent compared with the standard diesel model (up to 8 per cent in stop-start urban applications).

EcoGuide will be introduced to new Transit from mid-2019.

Ford Transit (inset the dash display)

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