The Bugatti with the heart of a Cougar

BUGATTI Veyrons are among the most cherished of the world’s supercars, with only about 300 ever built, and very few ever come on the market second hand.

If they do, they cost a bomb.

There’s one for sale in Sydney (price on request) and 10 others at various spots on the globe, from Dubai to the US, averaging about US $1.6 million, or $2.35 million Australian.

But, in Florida, on the east coast of Trumpland, there’s a good-looking one on the market — for only US $125,000, or $185,000 Australian.

There is, however, a catch.

Under that Gallic snoot sits something other than the expected W16, 8.0-litre, 883kW engine.

Forsooth, as Billy Shakespeare might have said, instead there’s a 2002 Mercury Cougar 2.5-litre motor, which has 10 fewer cylinders than a Veyron and 747 fewer kiloWatts. 

Also, its auto slushbox drives the front wheels.

But all is not lost.

The unnamed seller does say the car is a custom-built replica of the real thing, and on that basis it might not be a bad buy.

It has already won 17 trophies at US car shows, and the pictures show a great deal of work has gone into building it.

The lights, vents, grille and paint look just as if they’ve come from le factory in France and oui, the retractable rear wing does actually retract.

The interior is also quite impressive with the Bugatti logo on the steering wheel, and on the leather seats, the dashboard clock, the rotors and calipers and badges — were all meticulously recreated.

The owner says he spent a packet on the project.  

“So much detail has been put into this car that can’t not even be listed,” he says.

“It’s a beautiful car. For the replica lovers out there, this car is for you! 

“The best part is it’s not a electrical nightmare like the Fieros. 

“This car, the Cougar, is more modern and less of a headache.”

However, after he posted his car for sale on Craiglist, he has copped a fair bit of flak from purists.  

“Being that my car went viral, I have been sent the nicest texts messages ever, as well as uplifting,” he said. 

“But also some very weird and sickening.”

What else?

Well, the odo shows just 4200 miles, or 6700km, the exhaust tone is “throaty and strong”, it has adjustable coil over suspension – and the airconditioning works.

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