The 5008 with armour plate

Riley Riley

An armour-plated version of Peugeot’s new 5008 SUV has been built to protect the French president.

It features a range of additions and modifications, including armour plating, a one-off second-row seating package, an upgraded brake package, emergency lights and sirens and, of course, the Presidential Seal.

Ballistics certification was carried out in partnership with Centigon Security Group, a company boasting 60 years’ experience in armoured vehicles.

The very special Peugeot 5008 SUV started life on the company’s Rennes, France, assembly line.

The completed car was then handed over to the team in charge of the 5008 Présidential Project, which stripped the inside in preparation for the addition of its armour plating and two, unique back seats.

The two Peugeot-designed captain’s chairs come complete with centre armrest and document safe.

Once the armour plating had been fitted the interior panels were refitted, leaving no indication of the 5008’s bulletproof status.

While details are classified, the 5008 also gained an upgraded brake package and a range of other inclusions supporting its Presidential – and bulletproof – status.

From the outside, the only indication of the vehicle’s one-off nature is the fitment of discreet lights and sirens, along with the Presidential Seal and flag masts.

Project chief Olivier Desserprit said being selected for the job was not just a challenge but also a chance to reclaim French craftsmanship.

“The official State Car project is especially challenging for the simple reason that failure is not an option. This is when we thought: ‘We are actually reclaiming French cultural heritage and French craftsmanship’,” he said.

“Safety is the Presidential car’s first requirement so it goes without saying it’s bulletproof,” he added.

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