Tesla puts a bead on the dirt

Riley Riley

Bet you never dreamed of doing this to your shiny new Tesla?

A pioneer of Tesla aftermarket upgrades, Unplugged Performance introduces the game-changing 18-inch UP-03 Beadlock Off-Road Spec Forged Wheels.

Engineered specifically for the Tesla Model Y, these wheels represent a paradigm shift in the world of EV all-terrain driving, combining unrivaled performance with versatility that extends beyond the dirt.

At the heart of these groundbreaking wheels is a uniquely engineered design that allows for two different tyre mounting methods.

For full beadlock capability, the tyre’s bead is mounted on the outside of the wheel’s rim and locked in place using titanium hardware to secure the beadlock ring to the wheel allowing for low tyre pressure applications in off-road conditions.

Conversely, the bead can be mounted inside the wheel’s rim, with or without the beadlock ring in place, permitting traditional mounting for DOT-compliant highway and daily driving use. 

So it can deliver the best of both worlds — for on- and off-road enthusiasts.

Unplugged’s Ben Schaffer said the wheels are a testament to the design and functionality that defines the company.

“These wheels represent our full support of uncompromised off-roading and overlanding car culture,” he said.

“With the much-anticipated Cybertruck on the horizon, these wheels are a taste of what’s to come.”

Key features and benefits:

  • Enhanced off-road capability – Using the wheel’s beadlock mounting method allows for tyre pressure to be reduced to as low as 5 psi to increase the size of the contact patch resulting in maximum traction in challenging off-road situations. 
  • DOT-compliant for highway use – When the tyre bead is mounted inside of the wheel’s outer rim, it transforms into a standard wheel, fully compliant for legal highway use — a level of versatility unseen in typical beadlock wheels.
  • Forged for strength – Like Unplugged Performance’s standard UP-03 wheel, the UP-03 Beadlock wheels are crafted from the same high-strength forged aluminium for maximum lightweight durability, maintain the same I-beam spoke design for added strength, and the same barrel knurling to reduce tyre slip, ultimately, ensuring they can withstand the most challenging off-road adventures while maintaining on-road comfort and range. 
  • Form meets function – The UP-03 offers authentic beadlock style with the benefit of true beadlock functionality. This is not to be confused with a beadlock-style wheel that simply offers the looks or a beadlock wheel though falls short on any beadlock functionality or benefits. Additionally, this wheel is designed and engineered to be a direct fit for the Tesla Model Y allowing the use of Tesla factory lug nuts, centre caps, and TPMS sensors.  


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