Taking taxi to the next level

Riley Riley

The world’s most-advanced electric taxi, the LEVC TX, enjoyed a Royal reception at the the prestigious Concours of Elegance car show held at Hampton Court Palace in England.

Hosted by Prince Michael of Kent, the Concours of Elegance, which raises huge sums for charity each year, saw 13,000 motoring enthusiasts flock to the gardens of Hampton Court Palace to enjoy some of the rarest motoring exotica in the world.

VIPs and dignitaries from all over the world were in attendance, many showing examples from their own car collections, and on hand to shuttle special guests of the show in and around Hampton Court Palace, was the zero-emission capable LEVC TX.

Invited by the organisers as an iconic British design and a widely-recognised image of London globally, the new TX was also presented on the Concours live stage alongside fellow UK automaker and part of the Geely Group, Lotus.

LEVC’s TX is a range-extended electric vehicle, which means it has a small petrol engine as well as an electric motor to extend its range.

The small petrol engine is used to generate power to top up the batteries, if it does not have acess to a charge point.

It gives drivers a range of more than 600km, with a zero emissions range of 130km.

As well as a more premium feel, passengers will notice less vibration and noise, alongside charging points for mobile phones, Wi-Fi and additional space for six passengers.


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