Take the Porsche tour for free

Riley Riley
I’ve been to the Porsche museum in Stuttgart.
Not everyone is lucky enough or has the opportunity to be able to say that.
But the German sports car manufacturer has come up with an innovative answer to the tyranny of distance in the form of a virtual tour.
Fans of the iconic 911 and Porsche race cars (notice we don’t mention the SUVs) can follow a museum guide on the website from the convenience of their screen at home, through the special exhibition entitled “New ways. Every aim. Always Porsche.”
Just follow the link at the bottom of the page.
“This solution helps us to make the Porsche brand and the unique history of the company tangible for a wider group of people around the world,” museum director, Achim Stejskal, said.
“Whether you are based in the USA, China or Brazil – everyone in all countries and regions of the world will be able to interact with us online.
“The virtual tour gives users the feeling of being right there in the exhibition.”
Visitors to the Porsche Museum in Stuttgart are spoiled for choice.
The Porsche Museum has implemented the free virtual museum tours with help from Porsche Digital GmbH, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Porsche AG – and the UK-based start-up company GoInStore.
According to Thilo Koslowski, CEO of Porsche Digital, the collaboration with the British start-up is another logical step in the company’s digitisation campaign.
“This pilot project with the Porsche Museum gave us new ideas for future concepts and customer experiences,” he said.
The digital experience is being further extended within the permanent exhibition using Microsoft HoloLens technology.
During the Porsche Holographic Design Tour, a hologram of Porsche Designer Matthias Kulla explains the classic design features and design language of Porsche using a real 911 as an example.
To interact with this technology, visitors put on a pair of glasses that projects interactive 3D animations on to a real 911.
“This format gives visitors a unique experience within an architecturally appealing environment,” Stejskal said.
The Porsche Museum and the Porsche Style design department have developed this experience in cooperation with Microsoft.

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