Speeding towards an electric future

Riley Riley

Bridging past and future, the Infiniti Prototype 10 recaptures the spirit of early speedsters for an era of electrified performance.

Revealed for the first time at the 2018 Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance, the concept represents a physical manifestation of Infiniti’s  creative and ambitious plans for electrified performance.

From 2021, the company says every new model will be electrified, featuring hybrid or battery electric technology to enhance performance.

Prototype 10 provides a window into Infiniti’s desire to deliver driving pleasure, thrilling performance, and range confidence.

This is the first project to come to fruition under the direction of Karim Habib, Infiniti’s new Executive Design Director, and hints at how the brand’s design teams will evolve the appearance of its production cars.

INFINITI Prototype10 4K 017A project spanning the globe, the Prototype 10’s creation has been overseen by Infiniti’s Japan design center, designed digitally in the UK, and crafted by hand in San Diego, California.

The new concept is resolutely forward-looking in terms of its aesthetics and is a natural evolution of the form language first seen in the Infiniti Q Inspiration and Prototype 9.

The monoposto (single-seat) cockpit is consistent with Infiniti’s driver-focused approach, and is indicative of the new opportunities created for Infiniti by adopting electrified powertrains and flexible vehicle platforms.

“We all feel a certain degree of passion when talking about roadsters and speedsters,” Infiniti president Roland Krueger said.

“We are equally passionate about the potential that electrification holds for the future of our cars – a daring speedster is the perfect study for our designers to explore an electrified future and ignite such excitement.”

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