Six-pack Porsche a rally rarity

Riley Riley

Check out this incredible 70’s Porsche 914 Coupe.

The 914 was a mid-engined, targa-topped, two-seat roadster which was the troubled outcome of a collaboration between Volkswagen and Porsche.

The car was designed as a successor to VW’s Karmann Ghia sports coupe, while Porsche was looking for a more affordable model that it could slot below the 911.

Originally announced in 1969, the 914 was a sales hit, especially in America, where the fashionable targa styling and mid-engined layout captured the imagination of a generation of sports car enthusiasts.

Although the 914 handled brilliantly, it copped a bagging for its relatively mundane performance, with a 1.7 and later 2.0-litre Volkswagen sourced four-cylinder engines.

Zuffenhausen answered by dropping in the 2.0 litre flat-six from the 911T to create the 914-6 in 1970.

The problem was the new model cost the same as a 911 and around 50 per cent more than an E-Type Jag, and sales were not surprisingly poor.

It saw the six cylinder model killed off after just three years production, with just 3318 built (compared with 115,597 four-cylinder models).

Today the 914-6 has a loyal following and is proving a popular choice for historic race or rally drivers.

It’s hardly surprising given the model enjoyed a successful competition career in GT racing during the ‘70s — sixth overall in the 1970 Le Mans 24-Hour race a highlight.

Porsche’s 914 targa roadster is a very rare sight on Australian roads, and its flat-six engined brother, the 914-6, even more so.

This 1970 example was imported in 1999 and sent for a full restoration by expert Peter Chermside in Orange, NSW.

Converted to right hand drive, it’s fitted with a 2.2-litre flat-six engine from a 911T which has been rebuilt to 2.4-litre spec.

The gearbox has been modified to a four speed and fitted with a Rennshift kit for slicker gearchanges.

Originally Porsche Metallic Blue, the 914 is now finished in bright chrome yellow with a black lift-off targa roof section that stows in the rear boot, along with matching black leatherette interior.

The original style Fuchs alloy wheels have chromed centres.

Lightly used since its restoration almost 20 years ago, Shannons describes this as a very fine example of the model with great detailing, and in very good condition throughout.

There’s the odd chip to the paintwork, the minimal exterior chrome work has some patina, but overall, it’s a very appealing car that offers an opportunity to own something a bit different from the legendary German marque.

Our 914-6 comes with a photographic record of its restoration, an original very rare 914-6 owner’s manual, Rennshift conversion manual, verification letter from Porsche, two parts books, three different workshop manuals and a specialised book on the model.

Previously on full Victorian registration, this Porsche 914-6 is being offered for sale unregistered and is expected to sell for between $70,000 and $80,000 at Shannons Melbourne auction on September 23.

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