Silence electric scooter 6
Silence electric scooter 6

Silence never sounded so good

Riley Riley

An innovative electric scooter brand called Silence has hit the streets of the UK.

Two-wheel transport is on the rise in Britain and undergoing an electric revolution, driven by changes in both consumer behaviour and regulation, particularly in urban areas.

Congestion, air quality, eco-consciousness and, most recently, Coronavirus fears are all contributing to a significant shift in attitudes – and rocketing demand for electric powered two-wheelers of all types.

Designed, engineered and manufactured in Europe, the Silence family of ‘e-moto’ scooters represent the perfect solution for the growing number of both individuals and companies looking for low-cost, high-quality and zero-emission urban transport.

Established in 2012, the Spanish company is Europe’s biggest specialist EV manufacturer and dedicated to creating the best e-moto scooters in the world to help transform urban eco-mobility.

Their DNA of reliable, zero-emission battery power, sharp Barcelona style and smart tech has evolved over the past decade, capturing over 66 per cent of the Spanish and 30 per cent of the European electric scooter market — attracting more than 21,000 customers across 25 countries.

Powered by a unique, patented and proven lithium-ion battery system, the Silence family combines exceptional performance with everyday practicality.

The battery is completely portable with a ‘click-and-go’ release and innovative patented trolley system to allow charging to take place at any 240V socket.

Silence e-moto scooters can even recharge their own battery on the move, generating energy as you slow down.


All-electric performance eliminates emissions, noise and vibrations and can reduce running costs to less than $2 per 160km travelled – a massive 80 per cent reduction compared to conventional alternatives.

Silence e-moto scooters are smart too: the exclusive Silence app, for Apple and Android devices, allows you to locate, check and even lock or unlock your smart scooter from your phone.

Through the app you are also able to plan and follow routes with Google Maps, so you’ll never get lost.

The e-moto scooters ride just like a conventional scooter, from a step-through frame, to simple twist-and-go throttle and front and rear brake levers.

All models come with a selection of driving modes (ECO, City and added Sport mode on the S01 and S02) as well as a reverse gear.

Four models are available:

  • Targeted at urban commuting and everyday journeys, the flagship Silence S01 is “The Commuter”. Equivalent to a 125cc scooter or motorbike, it’s engineered for the town and city, with zippy performance and exceptional carry-on space. A 5.6kWh battery and 7kW (9kw peak power) motor deliver a range of up to 130km, 0-50km/h on only 3.9 seconds and a limited top speed of 100km/h.
  • The business-focused Silence S02 and S02 LS Long Range are “The Professionals”, the ideal tools for door-to-door delivery services and urban business use. These give you a choice of the light-weight Silence S02 LS Long Range, limited to 50km/h with a 5.6kWh battery and 1.5kW motor and a range of up to 146km, or the performance and carrying capability of the more powerful S02 which adds a 7kW motor to give a limited top speed of 90km/h and up to 130km range. These models are also fully customisable with a wide range of business accessories, from cavernous top boxes to windscreens.
  • “The Starter” is the Silence S02 LS (low speed), the all-electric answer to the moped which sits nicely in the popular 50cc band, for younger riders, those who never need to go above 50km/h and the more budget conscious. With a 2kWh battery and 1.5kW motor, this model comes with all the clever design conveniences and customisation choices of the other models and will travel up to 56km/h on a full charge.

For further information go to the Silence website


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